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Positive news from Frank de Boer about Daley Blind’s injury? ‘It’s his ankle’ | Football

That it concerns an ankle injury seems positive news. A knee injury often requires a longer recovery, although the exact damage is not yet clear at this time. “We don’t know how serious it is. But if he is seriously injured, then that is a veil, yes. ”

De Boer was not so concerned that the Dutch national team played rough in the first 20 minutes. “We did get opportunities after that. But if the keeper is going to stop balls with his cheek … but you know he is going to fall. Of course, we would not have been satisfied with a 2-0 final score. ”

He continues in front of the camera US: „I think we made a good change in half time with Ryan Gravenberch for Denzel Dumfries. Denzel did a fantastic job, but Ryan allowed us to post Steven Berghuis better on the side. Ryan then has a better sense of position and choosing spaces. I actually had it in my head beforehand. ”

The news that competitor Turkey surprisingly drew Latvia in the final phase was good. “I was told immediately afterwards. But we had everything in our own hands anyway. We just have to win all our group matches. ”

Had he really had a nice evening in Gibraltar? “It’s almost anti-football. I’m glad it’s over. ”

Georginio Wijnaldum
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Georginio Wijnaldum

Georginio Wijnaldum

After the solid victory of the Dutch national football team at Gibraltar (0-7), Georginio Wijnaldum admitted that the players were a bit angry at half time. “And disappointed,” said the Liverpool midfielder.

The reason was that it was only 0-1. “Again we missed far too many opportunities,” said Wijnaldum. “Just like last Saturday against Latvia. Then you unconsciously think: not again, huh. Then the most important thing is to maintain self-confidence. We did that. ”

“We were a bit angry at half time”

Wijnaldum: „Then it becomes 0-7 and that is quite a good result. I think everyone would have liked that beforehand. Now we are a bit disappointed with the missed opportunities. ”

In the draw (3-3) of Turkey against Latvia, Wijnaldum did not stand still for too long. “That’s a bonus, but the only thing that matters is that we win our games. We have to do it ourselves. ”

Memphis Depay

Memphis Depay

Mempis Depay

Although the evening ended well, frustrations regularly arose at Memphis Depay, he acknowledged afterwards. This refers to the missed opportunities in the first half, the violations of Gibraltar and the artificial turf, which he had to get used to.

“We are in a better position”

“We did create opportunities in the first half, but the ball never went in and their keeper also got two good balls. Maybe we should have just been deadlier, yeah. In the second half, Gibraltar then did not want to play football at all. The referee gave seven minutes of injury time, but that could have been ten. Anyway, we ultimately score seven goals, although it could have been more. We closed the international period well, partly thanks to the result of Turkey. So fine. We are in better shape again. ”

Frenkie de Jong

Frenkie de Jong

Frenkie de Jong

“What am I going to remember from this evening?” Repeated Frenkie de Jong. “Turkey’s draw. We played forced in the first half, but we knew it could go fast if we made the first. That is why we also knew that we would eventually win. ”

“I think we can achieve great things at the European Championship”

And now? “Now everyone at his club is going to do their thing, stay fit and then we will prepare well for the European Championship”, said De Jong, who knows that during the next international period it is immediately serious. “I think we can achieve great things. I am really looking forward to the European Championship, I think everyone. We worked hard for it and had to wait a long time for it. ”

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