Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home World Prisons. Eric Dupond-Moretti promises status for working inmates

Prisons. Eric Dupond-Moretti promises status for working inmates

Eric Dupond-Moretti wants to upgrade work in prison. Invited this Sunday in the show Restricted zone on M6, the Minister of Justice announced the creation of a worker detainee status. Prisoners who work will thus be able to benefit from an employment contract.

“There cannot be a gap between the prison and the rest of society, or else we consider that the prison is a separate society,” said the Minister of Justice. “There are prisoners who for the first time in their life will discover work here (in prison), it is the pledge that they will quit delinquency,” he added.

During the program, Eric Dupond-Moretti also announced the creation of a penitentiary code which, like the civil code or the penal code, will bring together “all the important rules” around detention.

Strengthen the link between the detainee and the administration

The working prisoners do not benefit from any real status, denounce for years organizations such as the French section of the International Prison Observatory (OIP).

During a speech before the National School of Prison Administration (Enap), in March 2018, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron had affirmed that “the link which unites the prison administration and the inmate working within it” should no longer be “a unilateral act with the negation of all rights”, but “a contractual link with the guarantees attached to it”. “We cannot ask detainees to respect society, to be able to reintegrate into it” if “we deny (their) dignity and (their) rights”, underlined the Head of State.

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This proposal is mentioned in the draft law “for confidence in the judicial institution” which must be presented to the Council of Ministers in mid-April. The text also provides that the government can legislate by ordinance to allow “the opening of social rights to detained persons, since they are useful for their reintegration and in particular the rights to unemployment, old age, sickness and maternity insurance. and occupational disease and accident at work “.



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