Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Breaking News Published a video from the cottage "mytishchi shooter"

Published a video from the cottage “mytishchi shooter”

The Investigative Committee of Russia posted on its Youtube channel a video showing from the inside the house of a resident of the village of Novye Veshki, Vladimir Bardanov, who had arranged a shootout with the security forces the day before.

The footage shows that a whole arsenal of weapons was located in the man’s cottage. During the search, law enforcement officers found 30 weapons and about 20 grenades. At the same time, the rooms in the shooter’s mansion were richly furnished. The interiors were decorated with antique furniture, columns and gilding.

On Tuesday afternoon, March 30, in the village of Veshki, Bardanov barricaded himself in his house, not wanting to let in the police, who suspected him of illegal arms trafficking, and opened fire. The operation against the “Mytishchi shooter” lasted several hours. As a result of the shooting, one of the Rosguards was wounded.

Towards evening, a fire broke out in the man’s house, as a result of which he died. Experts will have to confirm that the discovered remains belong to Bardanov.

On the fact of the incident, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is already investigating a criminal case initiated on the fact of encroachment on the life of law enforcement officers.

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Earlier today in the media there were photographs with the arsenal of Vladimir Bardanov, who arranged the shooting.



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