Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Reaction to WHO from 14 countries

The governments of the USA, Australia, England, Canada, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, South Korea and Slovenia responded to the latest WHO report with a joint written statement.

In the statement, while emphasizing the importance of the work of WHO experts on the source of Covid-19, it was noted that there were questions about the latest report on the source of the virus.

In the statement, “We support transparent, independent analysis and evaluations on the origins of Covid-19, free from intervention and improper effects. In this context, we express our common concerns about the latest study conducted in China under the leadership of WHO” It was pointed out that it is necessary to act together.


In the statement, which emphasized that the work of WHO experts was valuable, it was stated that the international experts report on the source of Covid-19 was “too late” and lacking in “providing access to original data”.


In the statement, which was noted that studies on the findings that the virus may have passed from animals to humans, it was noted that “WHO and all member countries should renew their commitments to timely access to data and transparency”, and a call was made to both WHO and China, especially without being mentioned.

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In the statement, it was stated that the relevant parties should be more sensitive in order for international experts to reach the necessary data faster and transparently in their studies on the source of the virus.

The US administration has been criticizing the Chinese administration for not opening enough doors to studies on the source of the virus for a long time.


In the report on the origin of Covid-19 with the WHO-China joint study, it was claimed that Covid-19 was transmitted from bats to humans by another animal. In the report, the probability of Kovid-19 leaving the laboratory was shown as the “least likely”.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, made the statement regarding the WHO report claiming that Covid-19 is the “lowest” hypothesis, “I do not believe that this assessment is comprehensive enough. More data and studies will be needed to reach more robust results.” .


China previously rejected the US administration’s request to initiate an investigation into the origin of the virus, and imposed export restrictions on this country after the Australian government called for an international investigation into WHO in April 2020.

After the increase of international pressure, the delegation of experts and researchers from the USA, Australia, Germany, Japan, England, Russia, the Netherlands, Qatar and Vietnam first went to China at the beginning of January, but had to return after the Beijing administration warned that valid visas were not received. .

The delegation, which came to Wuhan on January 14 by private plane after obtaining the permits, was kept in quarantine for 14 days and exchanged information with Chinese officials online during this period.

In the field studies that started on January 29, the delegation conducted examinations in the seafood food market in Wuhan, where the first cases were seen, as well as Hubey China and Western Medicine Integrated Regional Hospital, Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, Hubey Province Disease Control Center and Animal Diseases Center.



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