Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Revealed! Jennie BLACKPINK’s clothes when dating G-Dragon turned out to be cheap – At the end of February 2021, K-Pop lovers were shocked by the news that Jennie BLACKPINK was dating BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. This news was conveyed by a well-known South Korean media outlet, Dispatch.

At that time Dispatch also released photo evidence taken when Jennie and G-Dragon were dating. The couple reportedly spent a lot of time together at G-Dragon’s luxury penthouse located in the Hannam-dong area.

From uploads Dispatch it is known that Jennie appears casual when caught on camera dating the BIGBANG frontman. He appears to be wearing a white jacket from the Nike brand combined with black pants.

Now finally revealed the details of the price outfit worn by Jennie that day. Is an Instagram account @iamygfashionblackpink_1 who went through the details of the Nike Jennie jacket series and prices on a date.

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According to the Instagram account, Jennie’s jacket is priced at 149.9 Euros or around IDR 2.5 million. This price is quite cheap for Jennie, who has been known for a variety of expensive fashion items.

Photo of BLACKPINK's Jennie on a date with G-Dragon.  (Instagram / @ koreadispatch)
Photo of BLACKPINK’s Jennie on a date with G-Dragon. (Instagram / @ koreadispatch)

Citizens were immediately busy giving comments about Jennie’s jacket that was worn while on a date. There are netizens who misunderstand the jacket model of the “Lovesick Girl” singer.

Some netizens also questioned the authenticity of the fur aka animal fur on Jennie’s jacket. They worry that this will be criticized considering that so far using animal hair as a fashion product is an act of criticism.

Jennie BLACKPINK's date details.  (Instagram / @ iamygfashionblackpink_1)
Jennie BLACKPINK’s date details. (Instagram / @ iamygfashionblackpink_1)

I hope the bag of the items,“said a citizen who misunderstood seeing the black Nike logo on Jennie’s jacket.

So all this time I was fooled, I thought it was a bag, “said another netizen who also misunderstood.

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Is fur actually fur or not? CMIIW I hope Jennie doesn’t get hated because of her make-up, “said another.

The one who does not ‘faux fur’ qaqaaa, “said netizens explaining that Jennie’s jacket is only made of faux fur or imitation of synthetic fibers designed to resemble real fur.

Meanwhile, Jennie has reportedly been in a relationship with G-Dragon for a year. Since this dating news broke, the public has been busy exploring various old posts and moments that are considered evidence of Jennie and G-Dragon’s dating.



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