Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Rijnmond sends security guards to Mieraskerk due to security risk | NOW

Should Rijnmond again send reporters to the Mieras Church in Krimpen aan den IJssel, they will be accompanied by security guards from now on. When asked, the editor-in-chief of the regional broadcaster Alex Beishuizen tells about this.

“If we have to go back to the Mieraskerk, actually also if we want to do our work in Krimpen aan den IJssel, we will send security along from now on. We work with the same company as the NOS. Fortunately, we do not have to do this as often, because In general, we are treated positively in the Rijnmond region. “

Rijnmond reporter Jacco van Giessen was Sunday morning for a church service in Krimpen aan den IJssel to question churchgoers. Some Reformed churches in the Netherlands opened their doors to the faithful on that day, despite the corona measures.

Van Giessen was assaulted by a churchgoer during his work. The reporter did not have his own security guard, but was eventually helped by a security guard who had accompanied the NOS radio crew.

Beishuizen says that the incidents of last weekend somewhat surprised him: “I honestly thought that this would be the last place where someone has to deal with violence. I know better now.”

‘Everything was aimed at not provoking’

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Rijnmond has not raised any doubts about the working method of reporter Van Giessen. “The Mieras Church is often in the news when it comes to positions on, for example, homosexuality. We have been there before and so have our colleagues from other media. Jacco has said before that on that particular Sunday he was modest and tidy. Everything was aimed at not provoking, “says the editor-in-chief.

“You could follow that church service online, but people chose to go to church anyway. We wanted to know why they did that. It is not surprising that journalists ask questions about this. The journalistic reason was clear.”

It is not yet known when another reporter will go from Rijnmond to the Mieraskerk. Beishuizen does not rule out that the Easter weekend will give rise to a new report.

‘The press must be able to do its job at all times’

PowNed reporter Mark Baanders was also assaulted last Sunday. He reported on the Sion Church in Urk and was hit during his work. A motorist also ran into Baanders.

“The reason to go to Urk was because they decided to let go of the corona rules,” says PowNed director Dominique Weesie. “The press must be able to do its job at all times, but I don’t know whether we should immediately go back to the door next weekend. We now know that those people are not really willing to say anything. are very interested in effect. Tempers have not really settled yet. What do we want to achieve there if we would go there now? “

If there is a good reason to return to Urk, it is quite possible, according to Weesie, that security guards will be sent along. “But what do you do with one security guard? We sometimes take security guards to demonstrations, so that the reporter has eyes in his back. But I don’t know if it will help against these kinds of excesses. It could also provoke aggression. It is difficult. “

USeditor-in-chief Marcel Gelauff informs that he will only decide at the end of the week whether a report will be made of a physical church service in the Netherlands. It has been known for some time that journalists from the NOS are protected during almost all activities in the public space.



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