Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home World Rise today in the Stock Exchange

Rise today in the Stock Exchange

Share prices recorded upward trends in today’s session of the Stock Exchange with the market breaking up the levels of 870 units, closing at a 13-month high.

The General Price Index closed at the highest level of the session, at 873.62 points, recording an increase of 1.25%. It is the highest closing since the meeting of February 21, 2020 (893.03 points).

The value of the transactions amounted to 87.10 million euros, while 43,199,217 shares were traded.

The index of high capitalization increased by 1.00%, while the index of medium capitalization increased by 1.81%.

Of the high-capitalization shares, the largest increase was recorded by the shares of Piraeus (+ 8.00%), GEK TERNA (+ 3.71%), Aegean Airlines (+ 3.61%), Titan (+3 , 50%) and Ellactor (+ 3.49%).

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On the contrary, the shares of HELEX (-1.60%), Eurobank (-1.31%) and OPAP (-1.04%) recorded the largest decline.

Of the sub-indices, the largest increase was recorded by the indices of Construction (+ 3.42%) and Industrial Products (+ 2.89%), while the largest losses were recorded by the indices of Financial Services (-1.33%) and of Travel (-0.75%).

Eurobank and Alpha Bank presented the largest volume of transactions, circulating 12,247,223 and 8,334,263 shares, respectively.

The highest value of transactions was recorded by GEK TERNA with 16.984 million euros and Eurobank with 9.163 million euros.

78 stocks moved higher, 42 declined and 22 remained unchanged.

The biggest increase was recorded by the shares: Audiovisual + 18.37% and technical Olympic + 14.17%.

The biggest drop was recorded by the shares: VIS -19.66% and News-Hellas -7.14%.



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