Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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SAWAD pursues full-scale hire purchase business pushes SCAP to acquire 90% of “Es Leasing” shares

“Srisawad Corporation”, the major shareholder, “SCAP”, approved “Srisawad Capital”, a retail lending provider, to acquire 90% of “Es Leasing” shares, appointed “Wichit Payuhanawichai”, amalgamating the position of Managing Director. Organize an army to enter the market with new motorcycle hire-purchase loans with full strength Aiming to expand customer base and service areas to cover all over the country Pushing profit growth continues to build investor confidence before listing on the stock exchange.

Mr. Wichit Payuhanaveechai, Managing Director of Srisawad Capital Co., Ltd. or SCAP (SCAP), revealed that the company estimates the economic outlook in 2021 will gradually recover after the COVID-19 situation Began to unravel This is a great opportunity to expand into SCAP’s new business with both the core retail business and the hire purchase business. Which we saw an opportunity for expansion

S Leasing Co., Ltd. is a provider of new motorcycle hire purchase loans. That is growing in tides during the COVID-19 epidemic. And has a remarkable performance of the company, as at the end of December 2020, the number of new motorcycles that are approved has grown more than 400% and the outstanding new motorcycle hire purchase loan has surpassed the target by more than 300%.

From the growth in such situation, Srisawad Corporation Public Company Limited or SAWAD as the major shareholder. Therefore passed a resolution approving Srisawat Capital Co., Ltd. acquires S Leasing Co., Ltd. in the amount of 42.5 million baht, combined with the existing shares. Becomes 90% of the total shares. And appointed Mr. Vichit Payuhanaveechai as the Managing Director of S Leasing Co., Ltd., officially effective since March 31, 2021.

The acquisition will strengthen Escap in the retail lending business. And leasing business And became the leader in integrated credit services Prepare to start by expanding the new motorcycle hire purchase loan market in order to increase the customer base to be wide and comprehensive

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“Escap has a positive view of the growth in Es Leasing’s hire purchase business, so it is interested and has acquired additional shares of Es Leasing Co., Ltd.. Allowing SCAP to bring its strengths to develop Along with increasing market share in motorcycle hire purchase business as well In addition, I, in the position of managing in Es Leasing, intend to penetrate the full-fledged hire purchase loan market.

Starting with motorcycle hire purchase loan Aim to expand the customer base Add products to cover all customer groups. Including expanding service areas covering all provinces nationwide Which, when done As a result, the company has an outstanding profit. And grow sustainably Support the confidence of investors. Because according to plan The company aims to raise funds in the stock market, ”said Wichit.

S Leasing Company Limited was incorporated on April 9, 2020 with a registered capital of 50 million baht and on March 31, 2021, Srisawad Corporation Public Company Limited or SAWAD, which is listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Approved the acquisition of SCAP (SCAP) as a major shareholder or holding 90% of the total shares.

For S Leasing Co., Ltd. is a motorcycle hire purchase service provider for both natural and juristic person customers. Currently supports hire purchase loan service for those who want to own a motorcycle. To benefit from various occupations The company is committed to serving all customers with fairness. And provide accurate service in all forms To provide clarity in the service



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