Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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School, the denunciation of the principals of Lazio: “Today hundreds of teachers and Ata are absent”

“The positive element of today’s day is that many children have returned to class, have seen their classmates and have been in contact with their teachers.
The downside is that there have been many absences from teachers and Ata staff and this has created many inefficiencies and some schools have been forced to work reduced hours. Hundreds of teachers and administrative staff and janitors remained at home ”. This is said by Mario Rusconi, president of the National Association of Headmasters of Lazio, commenting on the reopening of schools in the region after the red zone.

“Many people”, Rusconi pointed out, “have used law 104, others have declared themselves ill, others absent for family reasons. Certainly not a good message has been sent to the students’ families. I think that a civil servant must be at the service of the state and citizens and not at the service of their own wishes. This has not happened today. The fact that one had to return for only two days before the Easter holidays does not justify these forms of absenteeism, which are unfortunately protected by law, but these are always forms of absenteeism ”.

There is talk, concluded the president of Anp Lazio, “of days of work for which you are paid, therefore you have the legal and moral obligation to be present. Even in Rome there were many absences. This does not play in favor of the opinion that one has of public administration employees. Having it negative on the whole sector is a mistake, but it derives from episodes of consistent absenteeism such as today, which will probably also occur tomorrow “.

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