Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home Breaking News Sellers: Closing stores on Good Friday will significantly increase people's concentration

Sellers: Closing stores on Good Friday will significantly increase people’s concentration

Updates: 30.03.2021 12:34

Prague – The closing of stores on Good Friday, according to the sellers approached by ČTK today, will significantly increase the concentration of customers on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. According to the Union of Trade, Logistics and Services (UZO) employees, it can be assumed that Thursday’s pre-Easter family purchases will turn the stores into premises where it will not be possible to comply with all anti-epidemic measures. When asked by ČTK, Renáta Burianová, the president of UZO, said this today. The Confederation of Trade and Tourism of the Czech Republic (SOCR) calls on the government to lift the ban quickly, he said in a press release today.

Store spokesman Albert Jiří Mareček pointed out that people have to buy food. “With closed Friday, the number of customers will increase by up to 70 percent on Thursday compared to the same day in previous years, and on Saturday by 50 percent,” he said. Due to the limit of 15 square meters of operating space per customer, this will mean, according to Mareček, that people will stand in lines in front of shops. “We in our stores do our best to protect the health of customers and employees, we hope that the Ministry of Health will consider its decision in the same way. Nevertheless, we have started preparations for closing stores, because we must respect government measures,” he added.

According to Bill, company spokeswoman Dana Bratánková, the Easter holidays are the second busiest period for retail for Christmas. According to her, the concentration of people will increase significantly in the coming days. It will therefore be necessary to step up monitoring compliance with existing measures. “Individual responsible managers are now preparing a plan to ensure a smooth supply so that customers can buy everything they need on concentrated days,” she said.

Penny stores also expect an increased influx of customers. Nevertheless, according to their spokesman Tomáš Kubík, they are ready to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

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According to Burianová, UZO has long supported the closing of all shops on public holidays. But government action has now brought confusion. “Another uncertainty is on the part of both employees and employers and, of course, consumers cannot be neglected. This decision is subject to many legal provisions, such as shift planning under the Labor Code and necessary changes in work organization. “those who will be in trouble with this decision,” she said. She added that UZO does not believe that the closure of stores on Good Friday would be crucial in the fight against the pandemic.

According to SOCR President Tomáš Prouza, the regulation banning sales on Good Friday is as meaningless as closing the canteens or banning the sale of coffee in a cup. “According to the law on sales hours, Good Friday is a holiday when the store is to be opened. Traders must be closed until Easter Monday,” he added.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, only selected stores such as groceries, drugstores, opticians or florists can be in operation at the moment. According to an earlier government resolution, these stores must also remain closed on public holidays. The only exceptions are pharmacies, petrol stations or shops at airports or railway stations.

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