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Home Breaking News Small FEC reviewing vaccination plans Target groups in 22 provinces

Small FEC reviewing vaccination plans Target groups in 22 provinces


March 31, 2021 – 13:12

Small FEC reviewing vaccination plans Target groups in 22 provinces monitored the cluster from Bangkok Prepare a drink to reduce the detention days of 3 groups, 7 days, 10 days, and 14 days.

Dr. Apisamai Srirangsan, assistant spokesperson for the COVID-19 Situation Center or NDC, revealed that a small-scale meeting of the CRC had discussed nine cases of COVID cluster infection from Bangkok. The first case was a 28-year-old Thai woman. The infection was detected on March 22, ’64, which the Department of Disease Control has investigated five high-risk patients, of which 1 in 5 cases were found. Second one Is a 25 year old Thai woman patient and has touched people around It was a high-risk exposure to 6 people, with the first being infecting their husbands and colleagues. And a second patient infected his sister, son and babysitter with COVID-19.

The small batch has reviewed the vaccination plan It will be injected to personnel working in the detention center (ASQ) of Bangkok who are personnel at high risk.

The eight hundred thousand doses of vaccine were initiated, targeting distribution in 22 vulnerable provinces. And economic provinces Tourism and Frontier Today (31 March) there will be an additional 1.6 hundred thousand doses of vaccine added to 52 provinces, highlighting the provinces bordering neighboring countries.

Female Doctor Apisamai Also revealed that from the small series of BCC meetings will be offered Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, as Director of the Commission on the reduction of detention dates for people traveling to Thailand Originally, 14-day quarantine was divided into 3 groups: 7-day quarantine group for those who received 2 doses of vaccine, 10-day quarantine group for the 2 unvaccinated subjects, and 14 days in the quarantine group. It is a group of people who come from countries with a mutated lineage according to the Ministry of Public Health. Must be in detention for 14 days.

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Which of these 3 groups will be counted at 00.00 – 18.00, if arriving in Thailand at 6:00 pm, count as day 1 of detention, but if arriving in Thailand at 19.00, the next day will be counted as On the 1st day of quarantine, while the first day of quarantine before entering Thailand for foreigners, the results must be negative. Have been tested for infection Upon arrival in Thailand, they must be swabbed on arrival. And check again on 5-6

The second group, who had 10 days of quarantine, had two tests for COVID, the first being days 3-5 and the second time on days 9-10.

And the last group to be quarantined for 14 days will be tested 3 times when they arrive in Thailand. The second time is on Days 6-7 and the last one is on Days 12-13. It is also required that all three groups of detainees are required to allow a full 14 days of detention, even after leaving the detention facility. To take effect on April 1

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