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Social media tension before 1959: What are you saying, I don’t understand?

Fenerbahçe’s championship in 28 continues to create controversy application to the Football Federation of Turkey. This time, there was a discussion on social media between journalist Murat Bereket and Mehmet Demirkol. discussions on the relevant application to the Football Federation of Turkey with Fenerbahçe’s championship in 1959 before continuing. Lastly, journalist Murat Bereket, who was working as Hatayspor’s Administrative Manager, opened the issue for discussion on social media. Bereket tagged Mehmet Demirkol and there was tension between the two.


Journalist Murat Bereket, in his post on his social media account, said, “Well, I understand leashes; there are names that I respect like Mehmet Demirkol, who say this job, no legends or something. That’s why they wouldn’t even be called LEAGUES? Two CHAMPIONS in a season? ” used the expressions. Mehmet Demirkol: “What are you saying, I don’t understand?”

After these statements, famous sports writer and commentator Mehmet Demirkol replied to Murat Bereket, “What are you saying? I don’t understand.” Following this answer, Bereket gave Demirkol the following reply with a new post:

“I didn’t ask to discuss, I asked because I was really curious. Didn’t you ever read the details about the desired tournament championships before 1959?” If you start the sentence with leashes … “

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Later, Mehmet Demirkol said to Murat Bereket, “If you start the sentence with leashes, there will be no discussion anyway. My sentences you mentioned are the words that were said long ago. I will tell tomorrow what I think about Fenerbahçe’s application. “I will not go after any nonsense,” he said.


As it is known, Mehmet Demirkol switched to digital media after leaving beIN Sports and shook hands with Socrates Magazine. Demirkol makes programs and comments on both the agenda and specific issues in Socrates.



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