Friday, April 16, 2021
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Home Technology Spotify is working on its Clubhouse rival; here are the details

Spotify is working on its Clubhouse rival; here are the details

Recently booming applications Clubhouse, a competitor is likely to win by Spotify.

For those who don’t know, it’s free for iOS / iPhone only for now. Clubhouse, it is still an application that can only be used by invitation.

Due to this structure, it remains in a more niche position compared to its competitors. Clubhousewill also come to the Android side in the coming months.

However, before the Android version of the application arrives, the alternatives are increasing. One of them comes to mind when it comes to music. Spotify it will be.

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Recently podcast The firm, which gives great weight to its side, Betty Labs company and later the name will change Locker Room With the application, it will also fight on the voice chat side.

As expected, this chat infrastructure will not be directly integrated into Spotify at the first stage. In fact, the firm will probably not do this in the future.

Of the Spotify side Betty Labs How much he bought his company is not yet disclosed. However, the figure is estimated to be low.

Spotify, Just one alternative that works for the clubhouse

In this area Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Like giants, they are actively working. Voice communication seems to be taking place in the future of social media, which seems interesting.

Especially Twitter’s interest in this area, which started and continues on a text basis, draws attention. When the alternatives increase Clubhouseown popularity may vanish.

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