Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Spotify launches the second edition of RADAR Spain

Daniel Sabater is the first confirmed artist of the second edition of RADAR Spain. Spotify will reveal the rest of the names included throughout the year.

RADAR Spain is Spotify’s program to support emerging talent in our country, taking advantage of its relevance and cultural impact. Following the success of the first edition, the world’s most popular streaming audio platform launches the second edition of RADAR Spain with Daniel Sabater as the first confirmed artist. The rest of the Spanish artists included in the program will be revealed throughout the year.

Spotify supports artists by making their story and essence known both on and off the platform. And it will do so through its channels, playlists, social networks, as well as the creation of exclusive and original content. Also, with a personalized marketing plan for each artist.

The launch of the second edition of RADAR Spain is proof of the artistic health of our country and the great local talent that remains to be discovered and supported. Our priority is always to help creators to better connect with their fans and reach new audiences, as well as to introduce new music and artists to users ”, declares Melanie Parejo, Head of Music for Southern Europe at Spotify. “Daniel Sabater was one of those artists who started uploading his songs independently from his home in Valencia. And thanks to Spotify playlists, his music now reaches an audience of half a million loyal listeners every month ”, Melanie Parejo adds.

Daniel Sabater is a Valencian artist who began uploading his music to Spotify in the summer of 2019, and it was released with “ice cream”, whose listeners already amount to more than 1.6 million. After the launch of “ice cream” on Spotify, the Sabater career does nothing but progressively climb. His songs published after this ‘hit’, “heat” and “how do you want me to get angry”, are proof of this.

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The first, released just four months after its first single, has accumulated 2.3 million views. And “how do you want me to be angry”, published in November 2020, is the most popular topic to date. It already has more than 3 million listens and is also the Daniel Sabater song that Spotify users add the most to their playlists.

In addition, Daniel Sabater’s songs have managed to sneak into some of Spotify’s highest-rated playlists, like “Pop con Ñ”, the most followed list of pop in Spain, “Temazos Chill” and “Out stress”. It has also managed to appear on playlists in the Latin American market such as “New Music Latin Friday” and “Chill Latino”.

I am very excited to enter RADAR since it is an opportunity to expose my music a little more, especially now that I’m growing up. And it is very special that it is together with Spotify, for all the support they have given me from the beginning promoting my music with their playlists ”, declares Daniel Sabater.

Spotify has always been committed to democratizing music and playlists play a fundamental role in allowing artists to become known. In 2020 alone, more than 76,000 artists were added to Spotify’s charts for the first time, and the vast majority, like Daniel Sabater, were discovered because they submitted their songs through ‘Spotify for Artists’, the tool available at no cost to all the creators of the world “, declares Melanie Parejo, Head of Music for Southern Europe from Spotify.

One year since the launch of RADAR Spain: Morad at the helm

It has been one year since the launch of the first edition of RADAR Spain, in which a total of 10 artists took part: Aleesha, Delaporte, Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba, Deva, Dora, El Greco, Guitarricadelafuente, María José Llergo, Morad, and Paranoid 1966.

Morad is the artist who has experienced the most growth in just six months and has managed to double its monthly listeners on Spotify, from 900 thousand listeners to more than 2.4 million per month. Morad’s success since the launch of RADAR Spain would not have been possible without the release of songs like “Motorola”, which already accumulates 23 million views.

At the international level, Alaina Castillo has been one of the artists who has given the most talk. The young woman based in Los Angeles already accumulates a monthly listener base of more than 1.4 million on Spotify, and her presence has recently been confirmed at the prestigious Latin American Music Awards 2021, which will be held on April 15 in Florida.

RADAR Spain is part of RADAR, Spotify’s global program that has managed to give a voice and grow more than 175 emerging artists from around the world, such as beabadoobee, Trueno y Young T + Bugsey, among many others.

RADAR Spain:

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