Monday, April 19, 2021
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Home Business Spotify mixes music and news with this new feature

Spotify mixes music and news with this new feature

Spotify has decided to launch a new feature in several countries and become a kind of “informative”.

Spotify he is constantly on the move so that he is not caught by routine and boredom. The application does not stop announcing new functionalities in order to be as complete and comfortable for its users.

For this reason, the streaming music company has made the decision to launch a new kind of playlist, which will mix custom music and news podcasts from French media outlets, such as the French daily The world or the agency AFP.

«My Daily» is the name given to this function in France. As is always the case on Spotify, users will receive a playlist recommendation designed specifically for them. However, on this occasion, in addition to including some of the hits that the listener may like the most, add short news podcasts, as confirmed by the group in a statement.

These podcasts will be produced by Le Monde, Agencia France Presse (AFP), the online news Brut, Radio France and the podcast network «Things to Know ».

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To provide originality and differentiation, it should be noted that there will be three news podcasts that will be broadcast exclusively on Spotify: “Time of the World”, which will offer the perspective of a newsroom journalist on the subject of the route or an area of ​​investigation; «On the wire”, which includes current affairs in France in a reduced format of three minutes, and another that will “retransmit” reports and stories collected by Brut.

France is not the only country where you can enjoy this feature, as it is also available in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and Germany. This change is in addition to that of the new Spotify desktop interface, that has gone through sheet metal and paint to be more intuitive and easy to use.

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