Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Home Business Study Digital Marketing: What can I work on?

Study Digital Marketing: What can I work on?

We solve all your doubts about where to study marketing and its professional opportunities.

Studying and becoming an expert in Marketing can give great opportunities and, especially now, where digital transformation is vital for companies and has been accelerated by the coronavirus crisis. In fact, dozens of institutions offer from training courses to one-year master’s degrees to train in this sector.

If what you are looking for is to influence someone’s purchase decision and know how to do it, do not hesitate to read this article in which we will solve your doubts about where to study marketing and its professional opportunities.

Where to study Digital Marketing

Many are the people who seek training in Digital Marketing and do not know where to turn, but what they should know is that, currently, there are several ways to study with affordable prices.

Next, we explain where you can acquire the necessary knowledge to become an expert, either in person or online.

  • Marketing Courses: In recent years, online courses have been on the rise and many entrepreneurs have seen a market niche in this sector and, above all, in Digital Marketing. They have created their centers, some only online, where you teach specialized courses lasting a week or even a day. Some of the themes of these courses are: copywriting, affiliate marketing or how to be community manager or SEO, one of the most demanded professions.
  • Training Cycles For those who seek to test the terrain of communication and marketing, the higher training cycle will be ideal. You can find training cycles of Management, Advertising and Marketing. In fact, these cycles have a duration to obtain the title from 1,400 hours to 2 years.
  • College career In most Spanish universities there are already implemented Marketing degrees are even part of other double degrees. In the public ones, it will depend on the cut-off mark to be able to access with a registration that can cost you around 1,000 euros or more the first year, depending on the faculty you access. But, the truth is that private universities in Spain are the ones that have focused the most on Digital Marketing, as is the case of the Business Schools distributed throughout the country, especially in Madrid and Barcelona. Both in public and private, careers usually last four years.

Professional outings

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With the acceleration of digital transformation due to the coronavirus crisis, how will the labor market be reordered where online has become the priority in the vast majority of companies? Well, there, it is Digital Marketing that is not going to have hardly any problems.

In fact, For 2021 and in the coming years, these will be the professional opportunities that you will be able to find by being an expert in Marketing.

  1. Digital Marketing Director: Achieving this job requires several years of experience in the world of communication, and today, be as up-to-date as possible. That person will be the one to trace all the company marketing strategy plan, with the help of the department he will be in charge of.
  2. Trafficker digital: It has become one of the most fashionable professions in this sector and is the person specialized in developing paid advertising campaigns in a comprehensive manner, that is, following and participating in all processes. At present, for example, it is primarily responsible for managing online advertising.
  3. SEO: For a few years, companies have required SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists to place their brands in the top positions of search engines, something vital for the company’s survival in the digital world. Your work depends on the number of visits to the web and, therefore, sales, as well as the reputation of the brand. They are one of the most demanding and stable professions in the marketing industry.
  4. Social Media Manager: It is the person who is in charge of create the social media plan and lead the strategy that the brand will carry on social networks, as well as knowing what presence they are going to have, something crucial today for a company. The Community Manager will be the person who is in charge of executing the strategy carried out by the Social Media Manager on social networks.
  5. eSports Marketing: For placing a last profession that stands out, being an expert in eSports Marketing is something very demanded since they have entered the market with great engagement that has made many companies, especially dedicated to online gaming, opt for specialist profiles in sports marketing.

Sectors with great investment in Marketing

Practically all sectors of any market make an investment in Marketing, totally necessary in this world for the survival of the brand.

But the truth is that some of them really make a big investment which they then expect to return in the form of profit.

Some of these sectors are related to luxury, while others are not. We present you what they are the ones that stand out the most:

  1. Fashion industry: Undoubtedly, everything related to the world of fashion and designers is what spends the most in investment to position itself among the best brands and with the most reputation in the digital world.
  2. Game sector: with the rise of online gameThis industry is increasingly investing in marketing and even paying high-cachet brand ambassadors to promote their services.
  3. Automobiles: the automotive sector is one of those that has always invested in advertising and in the digital field it could not be less, both in luxury and entry-level vehicles.
  4. Beauty: Finally, cosmetics will not be absent as one of the large sectors that invest in Marketing and advertising, being that of men the one that has increased significantly in recent years.

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