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Home World Sumarno testified in front of Mrs. Rossa

Sumarno testified in front of Mrs. Rossa – The soap opera Ikatan Cinta March 31, 2021 can be watched by all loyal audiences at 19.30 WIB on RCTI. Synopsis of Ikatan Cinta March 31 this time still tells about Andin’s struggle to prove his innocence.

The mystery of Roy’s death has yet to be revealed. Elsa’s evil guise still hasn’t been detected. But Andin has a feeling that Elsa is the mastermind behind Roy’s death, and Andin tells about it to Rafael and Al. After being told by Andin about his suspicions about Elsa, Al believed and became suspicious of Elsa.

What next? See the synopsis of the Bond of Love on March 31, 2021.

Elsa Corners More

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Andin, Al, and also Nino were in Coffe City sitting with Elsa, Mama Sarah, and Papa Surya. On that occasion, Al said that there was evidence in the form of a red car that came out of the cluster on the day of Roy’s murder.

Even Al had asked Elsa a question which sparked Nino’s emotions. Finally, Al and Nino got into a feud, then were separated by Papa Surya.

On the other hand, Andin decided to greet the band that was filling live music at Coffe City. Because the band members were Roy’s friends who also knew Andin, Andin then asked if any other women had ever come to Roy’s house.

Not getting any clues, Andin is still wondering why there is a lipstick in Roy’s room. And Andin suspected that the lipstick had something to do with Roy’s death. Is that lipstick Elsa’s?

Sumarno Successfully Taken to Jakarta

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Meanwhile, Rendy and Angga took Sumarno to Jakarta to meet Andin and Al so they could testify. After confirming that the person was an online motorcycle taxi that delivered Andin’s order, Al asked Sumarno to tell the truth in front of Mama Rossa. And Al promised, Sumarno could return to Bogor after his business was finished.



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