Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Business Supalak Ampuch, President of The Mall Group, received the 2021 Women Leaders...

Supalak Ampuch, President of The Mall Group, received the 2021 Women Leaders in AI Award.

IBM’s Women Leaders in AI program is held annually to honor more than 40 women leaders around the world from 18 countries who are using AI to power their businesses. And drive the use of AI in the business world in the future

IBM (NYSE: IBM) has announced that Supalak Ampuch, Chief Executive Officer of The Mall Group, has been selected as one of Women Leaders in AI this year. And one in two people from the ASEAN region Who was selected along with the top 40 female business leaders from 18 countries around the world Supalak is regarded as a pioneer in bringing AI to power business transformation. As well as creating growth and innovation in the retail industry.

The recognition honors Supaluk as the Mall Group leader in using IBM’s AI technology to streamline business processes. And create a personalized shopping experience (personalized) superior to customers of The Mall, Emporium, The EmQuartier, Paragon Department Store and Blu Port Hua Hin Resort Mall by The Mall Group as a retail business. The first in Thailand to use AI technology to understand behavior and trends. Changing consumer And get real-time insights from a comprehensive shopping database including M Card (with over 4 million customers) and SCB M VISA program (with over 600,000 customers).

IBM launched its annual Women Leaders in AI program in 2019 to honor women who are leaders in the use of AI and promote diverse engagement in the field. And create a network of learning together for a group of winners Praising the leaders in the field of AI development and adoption at scale, including learning how to build AI that is comprehensive, accurate and explained by their experiences. This is very important, especially during a time when different industries Looking for a way to resume a more resilient recovery following the outbreak, the 40-regarded leaders of 2021 have been selected based on their use of AI as a transporter catalyst. Marketing to create results for the organization and employees. Including customers and citizens that these organizations serve

“We are at a critical turning point in the modern retail world. And technology is inevitably the most important ingredient in this Winning Formula. ” Supalak Ampuch, Chairman of the Executive Board of The Mall Group Company Limited “The Mall Group wants to be the destination. Retail-tainment Lifestore offers a limitless, personalized shopping experience for everyone in the family, anytime, anywhere. And today, AI is one of the keys to helping us create a seamless shopping experience. Joints for our customers. Whether customers come to shopping in the mall Online shopping at home Or through a smartphone “

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“AI is at the forefront of business transformation and today our women leaders have demonstrated their diverse potential. That spark and drive the use of AI at a leap forward in every industry ” Patama Chantarak, Vice President, Business Expansion in Indochina And President, IBM Thailand Said, “Although the COVID-19 pandemic It makes businesses around the world face a lot of difficulties. But the achievements and creative application of AI of this year’s winners It will inspire us all to overcome challenges and achieve success in 2021 together. ”

From efforts to provide people with reliable health information during the COVID-19 epidemic, to dedication to projects To address the challenges of climate change These are all things that the winners of this 2021 award reflect on in bringing advances in natural language processing. Including the advancement of reliable automation and AI Come and apply it to help forecast business results more accurately It makes work processes more automated. And drive new efficiencies. Read more about these women leaders at To learn how they are using AI to help transform businesses And how did you get lessons along the way

As the world’s leading provider of AI solutions and services, IBM has blended new innovations. From the IBM Research Center to IBM Watson continues. In the field of natural language processing (NLP), reliable AI generation And various automation systems IBM was named a Leader in the February 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services and was also ranked as a Leader in two other recently published Gartner Magic Quadrant reports: Magic Quardrant for Data Integration. Tools August 2020 and Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platform March 2021.



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