Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Business Supatthanapong accelerates treasury, draws 1.6 billion of savings, builds GDP 4%

Supatthanapong accelerates treasury, draws 1.6 billion of savings, builds GDP 4%

Supatthanaphong and Minister of Energy Accelerate the Maternity Finance Measures to draw 5-6 billion of savings, 4% GDP, spreading 5% GDP data for 5 consecutive years, exiting middle income – 80’s high income country

On March 31, 2021 at the Government House Mr. Supatthanaphong Phanmechaow, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy Discussed the case of delegating the Ministry of Finance to draw out savings to be spent to stimulate the economy, it was found that deposits were higher around the world such as America, Europe in 2020, where deposits in Thailand in the year 20 were 5-6 hundred thousand. Million baht is in the process of letting the Ministry of Finance come up with measures

“We want to drive 4% GDP, we need another 1% or 1.6 billion if Thai people will help each other. Bringing out the savings to be used in the country And if helping the little ones People who still have obstacles There is a problem with COVID. The more useful, the bigger Because it represents the kindness of the Thai people “

Mr. Supatthanaphong said that The report from the Bank of Thailand states that Thailand will be free from the middle income trap GDP has to grow to an average of 5% for 5 consecutive years or 68 years and it will be a high-income country in the 80’s, but what matters is solving the inequality. Which the government tries to take measures of the state directly to the people To create opportunities With urgent measures such as affordable housing projects In addition, the water problem must be completely solved. Will the North and Northeastern regions have large water sources, which will soon see some projects taking place to solve water problems for farmers?

Mr. Supatthanaphong said that At this time, it is in the intersection of 4 new S-curve industries that are important for proactive operations teams to approach both Thai and foreign private companies With M. Intelligent electronic industry Tourism and Healthcare Industry And the digital cloud industry completed all over the world, how will it continue to grow? Nobody knows yet. The final image can be further extended. No one can predict But what is important is to maintain the country’s base in food and agricultural security. And maintain the strength in tourism Get quality tourists to maintain the best natural resources. And in the future, agriculture and technology will run together.

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“Today, we still don’t know how in the end, the four new industries will change the world. Today is still not what is End game. In this world, I personally think that it will change. But still unable to conclude Need to be pulled first Must have these things first and then will expand the results. “



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