Monday, March 8, 2021
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Taylor Swift criticized for seeing her name appearing in the new Netflix movie

Taylor Swift warned against a female discrimination’joke’ by mentioning her name for Netflix’s new film’Genie & Georgia’ In the 10th episode of Season 1 of’Genie & Georgia’, there is a scene where Genie, a teenager and her stepmother Georgia, have an argument. Mother Georgia asked Genie, “Did you break up with her boyfriend?” and she said, “What do you care?” There is a line that says, “You’re changing the guys faster than Taylor Swift.”

On the 1st, Taylor Swift saved the screen with this line and posted it on Twitter.

″To Genie & Georgia. How about stopping these sexist jokes? Stop pretending to be funny with words that aren’t funny, and belittle women who work hard.”

Taylor Swift posted on Twitter

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In the end, Swift emphasized that March is’the month to celebrate women’s history’. HuffPost requested an official statement from Netflix, but Netflix did not respond.

In the past, Swift has been strongly opposed to gender discrimination and women’s abuse. In an interview with Vogue in 2019, when she became a successful adult woman, she explained how she became a target of the media and the public. “It’s okay to talk about the success of a young girl. ‘cute. “I have a hit song,” and suddenly I sang in a large theater and started appearing as a “successful adult woman” and made my song, and they suddenly began to fear me.”

He added that he heard a lot of criticism that he would never hear if he were a male artist. Taylor Swift has been criticized for always writing songs based on his experiences with men he met in the past.

″People criticized me as if I were using my experience as a weapon. I just write songs based on my experience. When have you ever made such a similar criticism to male artists? Like he’s going to write a song about his experience with you. Isn’t it funny?”

* Translated and edited the US version of HuffPost.

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