Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Television. From star status to prison, Christian Quesada’s journey deciphered this evening

On April 8, 2020, when France had just plunged into the health crisis and hospitals were overwhelmed by the influx of patients, the conviction of Christian Quesada to three years in prison, for corruption of minors and detention and dissemination of child pornography images, has gone a little unnoticed in the news.

However, when the affair had broken out the year before, it had caused a stir. With 193 consecutive participations in the issue The Twelve Blows of Noon on TF1, Quesada had pocketed 809,392 euros in winnings and gifts, the second largest amount ever won in a game show in France. He has recently been released from prison, having served his entire sentence, according to Le Progrès.

His incredible adventure had attracted him the sympathy of the public, he who lived on social minima before his participation in the game, and who shining through his general culture, had managed to get out of the galley.

A voice to the victims

It is in this story of rise and fall that the documentary “The hidden face of Christian Quesada, the new revelations” proposes to dive back on RMC Story, this Tuesday evening at 9:05 pm.

The authors of the documentary, who had access to the investigation file, endeavored to show the extent of the damage caused by Christian Quesada, by finding some of his many victims, and by giving them a wide voice.

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The film also shows how the man approached teenage girls online in an attempt to obtain sexual favors from them.

Did the channel know?

But the most interesting question posed by this documentary is undoubtedly that of the responsibility of TF1. Christian Quesada had indeed already been convicted in the past for acts of corruption of minors as well as acts of sexual exhibition.

One can then wonder if the production of the show should not have been more wary of this character before putting him in the light.

The many facts exposed by journalists and speakers in the documentary will allow everyone to form their own opinion on the subject.

“The Hidden Face of Christian Quesada, the new revelations”, presented by Rachid M’Barki, Tuesday March 30 at 9:05 pm on RMC Story.



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