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Teleworking should be applied to Public Administration, according to the Green Paper – Society

The teleworking regime should be applied to the Public Administration, and should be used to “establish jobs outside large urban centers”, according to the Green Paper on the Future of Work, to which Lusa had access.

According to a document that will be presented on Wednesday by the Government at the Social Concert, it must be guaranteed “the application to workers with a public employment bond the regime foreseen in the Labor Code in terms of telework, without prejudice to the specificities of the public administration and that any guidelines may be issued to the various bodies or services, with a view to harmonizing procedures “.

The adoption of teleworking, in whole or in part, must be promoted “on a voluntary basis and in a perspective of improving relations and working conditions and reconciling professional and family life, ensuring equal rights with other workers and avoiding either isolation of employees working at a distance, or damage to the performance and productivity of services “, says the Green Paper.

Furthermore, teleworking should be used to promote the “establishment of jobs outside large urban centers, particularly in regions with less population density”, he says.

The implementation of this work model must take into account “the need to limit the risks of worsening gender asymmetries at work and in reconciling personal and family life”.

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At the same time, the lines of reflection also refer to the need to “strengthen the capacity of the administration to provide better working conditions for workers, including the means necessary for workers with special needs”.

Still in the Public Administration chapter, the need to deepen the investment agenda in the digitization of public services and administration and to improve interoperability and integration of services is mentioned.

According to the Green Paper on the Future of Work, the situations in which the worker can opt for teleworking, regardless of agreement with the employer, must be extended, taking into account in particular situations “in the context of promoting work-life balance personal and family “and” in the case of a worker with a disability or disability “.

The Green Paper on the Future of Labor will be presented on Wednesday by the Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho, and by the Assistant Secretary of State for Labor and Vocational Training, Miguel Cabrita, at a meeting of the Social Concert which is carried out by videoconference due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The presentation of a version of the document for public consultation and for discussion in Social Dialogue was initially scheduled for November 2020.

The Green Paper on the Future of Work has Teresa Coelho Moreira and Guilherme Dray as scientific coordinators.



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