Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Technology Tesla Semi, official debut postponed to 2022?

Tesla Semi, official debut postponed to 2022?

Further delay for Tesla Semi, electric truck of the US brand whose debut on the market seems to have been postponed to 2022. To portend the postponement of the arrival on the market is the same number one of Tesla through a comment on Twitter.

Despite recent statements by the CEO stated that the vehicle would be presented by the end of 2021, confirmation of a postponement arrived in the last few hours. First shown in 2017, the electric truck was supposed to go on sale from 2019, but the challenging work required for a greater efficiency of the vehicle has repeatedly pushed the automaker to postpone sales.

Musk himself, although the vehicle is experiencing high demand, therefore prefers to wait for better conditions in 2022. Not surprisingly, the supply of cells. Let’s not forget that the electric propulsion truck will offer interesting features thanks to a structural battery pack formed by the one 4680, presented by Tesla during the Battery Day and able to guarantee an autonomy of 1000 kilometers.

A Semi requires five times the batteries normally used in a car, but does not sell five times as much as a year. So, as of today, it makes no sense for us to start producing it. But it will certainly make sense to do so as soon as we have resolved the supply of batteries, these are the words of the CEO relating to a few months ago.

In the recent tweet the importance of the supply of cells was therefore underlined, which in the case of the Semi will have to be perfected given the waiting for a model fromhigh autonomy. As anticipated on several occasions, the US company should propose the Semi in two versions with different autonomies, respectively from 500 km and 800 km approximately. However, on both versions we should find structural type batteries with new 4680 type cells. The latter, presented by Tesla last year, are currently in production in a pilot plant in its. Fremont factory.

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