Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home Technology Tesla's autonomous driving reaches unique levels and video proves it

Tesla’s autonomous driving reaches unique levels and video proves it

Tesla has come a long way in autonomous driving. Even though it is not a truly independent system, it can handle all driving processes, maintaining the responsibility of the driver.

With big steps taken recently, Tesla will soon have this autonomous driving mode in all its cars. Now, and to demonstrate the maturity of this system, a video has emerged that clearly shows how it is ready to be launched.

Tesla cars at the forefront

Tesla has long tried to give its cars the ability to drive alone. The brand wants to automate driving and free drivers from this process or, at the very least, give them all the help they need to keep them safe.

With tests underway to finalize what “total autonomous driving ability” will be able to do, the brand has more and more its system ready. These tests started with a very limited number of cars, but today they are already present in several hundred.

Video shows how the system works

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The basis of this system is all the sensors that Tesla has placed in its cars and all the intelligence that is developing around it. It is with these that vehicles can see the road and everything around them, avoiding problems and certainly complying with traffic rules.

The video that can be seen above is not official, but authored by the AI ​​DRIVR channel. It shows how a Tesla manages to drive alone in the streets of California, without depending on the driver, who was nevertheless present.

Maturity of autonomous driving

As an interesting point, and that makes all the difference in this video, is the overlay made. In addition to the images of the car trip, there was also the availability of the entire layer of information that the autonomous driving system produces to guide itself.

With plans to reach Level 5 autonomy later this year, Tesla is working at a very high pace. He wants autonomous driving in his cars to be a reality soon and for everyone to have access to this functionality, using only the hardware they have today.



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