Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home World The Berlusconi fears an increase in Chinese influence

The Berlusconi fears an increase in Chinese influence

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– The infiltration of Chinese capital into the Italian economy is becoming stronger. The Eastern economic superpower is exerting increasing influence on the country, Silvio Berlusconi, president of the right-wing Hajrá Italy party, and Antonio Tajani, vice-president, rang the alarm. As members of the European People’s Party, Berlusconi and Tajani called on the European Commission to take central action to defend the continent’s economic independence. According to representatives of Hajrá Italy, China’s economic expansion would have an impact on the continent, especially by shopping for strategic infrastructure sectors. According to the latest figures, there are currently 50,797 Chinese-born entrepreneurs in Italy. Not surprisingly, China is Italy’s third largest strategic partner.

Chinese entrepreneurs have bought into energy supply, infrastructure, innovation technology, telecommunications, and fashion companies. “The average Italian was aware of the seriousness of the conquest when Zhang Jindong became the new owner of the Internazionale football team, and Li Jung-hung took over Berlusconi from AC Milan,” Hajra Italy said. Right-wing parties have been following speculative takeovers with concern for years. To protect businesses weakened as a result of the health emergency, the Italian government made an amendment to the law last year. In this sense, corporate acquisitions are restricted not only to companies in the traditional sectors (healthcare, food, energy, transport, communications, defense), but also in the media, insurance, credit and finance, water, security, aerospace, artificial intelligence sectors.

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