Saturday, April 10, 2021
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The exhibition of Russian rock of the 80s will last in St. Petersburg until autumn

Photo exhibition of Valentin Baranovsky dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Leningrad rock club “Leningrad rock and roll. The Golden Age ”at the St. Petersburg Museum of Theater and Music will be extended until September 10. Previously it was assumed that it will end on April 19.

A spectacular photo exposition in the Gallery Wing of the Sheremetev Palace immerses visitors in the history of Russian rock in the 80s. The photographs show Viktor Tsoi, Boris Grebenshchikov, Konstantin Kinchev, Yuri Shevchuk, Vyacheslav Butusov, Mike Naumenko and other members of the Leningrad Rock Club.

On April 2 and 19, at 19.00, two concerts dedicated to the exhibition will be held in the Armory Hall of the Sheremetev Palace. The first to play will be the St. Petersburg Improvisation Orchestra, conducted by Dmitry Shubin. The orchestra, founded in 2012 on the basis of the Museum of Sound, is well known for its radical experiments. It brought together the most famous representatives of the improvisational scene of the Northern capital, and in 2017 became a laureate of the Grand Prix of the V. S. Kuryokhin.

On April 19, the museum will host a concert of the electro-industrial duet RAZMOTCHIKI KATUSHEK – the masters of the experimental stage Ekaterina Fedorova and Remko Muermans. The performance will be accompanied by a video performance.

The April events around the exhibition do not end there: the museum will host online and offline meetings in the public talk format.

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On April 3, a creative offline meeting “Beatlemania and Russian Rock” with the staff of the Beatles Museum Kolya Vasin will take place. Alexey Kochetov, Grigory Kozel, Polina Lozitskaya and photojournalist Natasha Vasilieva-Hull will tell you how the Beatles’ music influenced Soviet youth and the development of rock in the musical city of the USSR itself.

On April 7, an online meeting “Leningrad rock and roll in the memoirs of eyewitnesses: George Gunitsky” will take place. The speaker will be Anatoly (George) Gunitskiy, one of the founders of the Aquarium group and key figures of the Leningrad Rock Club since its inception. The free online broadcast will take place in the groups of the Museum of Theater and Music Arts and on the Museum YouTube channel.

On April 14, St. Petersburgers will be able to come to an offline meeting with Dmitry Shagin “Mitki and Russian Rock”, which will tell about the friendship of the Mitki musical group and rock musicians.

Tickets for concerts are 500 rubles, for offline meetings 400 rubles.



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