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Home Breaking News The forest fires on the Phu Lang Ka mountain range, Chaiyaphum Province,...

The forest fires on the Phu Lang Ka mountain range, Chaiyaphum Province, are still obscene over 400 rai.


March 31, 2021 – 16:13

fireburnforest On the mountain rangeLan Kha, Chaiyaphum Province, still hotmfireContinuously over 400 rai

Progress after smugglers capacityYesfireburnforestSpread up the mountain range of PhuLanka close to the National Park areaTon Waterfall, Chaiyaphum Province, behindMade the Huai Rai Phe Subdistrict Administrative Organization.In a long way along the path of his birth fireforest AchieveBurns red to the whole mountain 1,000 rai expedite staff mobilizationHelp each other out. fireforest Count 100 people andPlanning and monitoringD will be able to controlfireforestDo not give inCan spread to other areas depending onD has found that there is a stealthy point.fireBurnMore wood has a mountain area.The damage is completely damaged.About 400 rai and has movedOfficersfireforestTo the areaAtforestIn the area of ​​Na Nong Kham Subdistrict, Kae DistrictChaiyaphum Province after finding a smuggler with capacityYesfireburnforestFind thingsforestSpread asfireburnforestAnother point

March 31, 2021 News mediaReport on the progress of the incidentfireburnforestOn the Phu Lang Ka this timeOccurs near the evening of today (30 Mar. 64) at approximately 5:00 p.m.News media reported that the accident happened.fireBurns onforestPhu Lan Khajy MountainsD has mobilized firefighting suits ready.Officer of Tat Ton National Park, Chulalongkorn ProvinceOfficers extinguishedfireForThe name of the Sub-district Administrative Organization, Huai Rai Sub-district, Khon Sawan District, Chulalongkorn ProvinceYaphum and staff from Sawangku FoundationNatham has mobilized to help each other.fireForMaleforestPhu Lan Kha mountain range nearWith the area of ​​the Nam National ParkTon Tat Ton, Chaiyaphum Province, expectedLookingfireburnforestThis time was caused by water.Human hands that he smuggled into the fireTo want to find thingsforesthaveIt’s easier then bornfireBurnThe strength of the model starts from the male.ConfettimountainKhao in the area of ​​Na Siao Subdistrict, Muang District, Chulalongkorn ProvinceThe landscape spread high up to the top of the mountain.Phu Lan Kha Mountain in Huai Rai Subdistrict, Mueang DistrictKon Sawan, Chaiyaphum Province, continue to spread.The mountains behind the centerAnimal Bumrunners, Chaiyaphum ProvinceIt is close to Ban Dong Yen, Tambon HaWai Rai Sub-district, Khon Sawan District, Chaiyaphum ProvinceSee resultsfireburnforestThis timeRed runs along the length of the Phu MountainsLanca and haze.fireThe cover spread over a wide area.It is close to the area of ​​the Nam National Park.Ton Tat Ton, Chaiyaphum ProvinceThe distance is longer than 6 kilometers.Who are unable to enter the pageAfireforestOn the mountain mountain.Lanca because it is night time therefireForBurningD will be dangerous to those with whom he travels.AfireforestStaff can do it onlyYong made a line.fireNot to spreadThe fire burned government agencies and houses.The people below the adjacentBelow, close toRoad No. 201 Chaiyaphum – KaeoIs fireburnforestThis time, eat the floorThe mountain is damaging, whichIt is expected that more than 1,000 rai.ResultfireburnforestIn this time, stillCausing a group of fluff smokeSpread over 2 nearby sub-districtsKheang is 1. Na Siao Subdistrict, Muang DistrictYaphum and Huai Rai Subdistrict, Kon Sawan District As well

Forest fire on Phu Lan Kha mountain range  Still more than 400 rai

Latest in this morning (31 Mar. 64) Along the linesforestMountain rangeLankan National Park JointsTat Ton still found a pile of burning ash.It was a point, and there was also a haze.AfireForestCovering a wide area

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Mr. Noppawongprueksat, head of the Nam National ParkTok Tat Ton, Mueang District, Chaiyaphu ProvinceDo not plan and share the power of the authorities.National governor Tatton’s office has been extinguished.fireforest Chaiyaphum Volunteers from the Foundation andLocal loop in the common areaGo outfireforestBy pointfireMournHas been strong since last nightAnd can controlFireforestThis time not givingSpread to other areasAfter baking, the remaining pile.fireAshSome of the places are still smoldering.Which has staff in the areaTake care not to burn.Out of the areafireBurningFrom the area of ​​Na Siao Subdistrict, Mueang DistrictLong Chaiyaphum along the borderforestWhenPhu Lan Kha mountain, the boundary of the boundary with UNational Marine CorpsTat Ton followed him in the back atTo perform the SAO, Huai Rai Subdistrict, Khon Sawan District Between him on the temple sideforestDong YeToforestWood at the back of the centerAnimal Care, Chaiyaphum Province Expected causefireburnforestFirst woodThis should be caused by human beings thatpointfireburnforestThen bornfireBurnLike a strong version, which one of the reasonsFrom the way the authorities have made a guidelineAfireFor many years, so there should beThe accumulation of branches and leaves of grass isAs well as fuelBy the way, the police officer and the police officer extinguishedfireForThe owner of Tat Ton National Park still has to arrange the officers. Surveillance and control to prevent the occurrenceThe eruption from the ashes inforestTimeRecently, the authorities have receivedThe report found that there were villagers enteringIncineratorforestNear the back of the SAO.Huai Rai Sub-district, Khon Sawan District, Chaiyaphum ProvinceOne point and the other is burning.Therefore urgedD and mobilize reinforcements Tak Subdistrict Administrative OrganizationWith farm to help extinguishfireforestalready

Forest fire on the Phu Lang Ka mountain range  Still more than 400 rai

While Mrs. Laksana HiranwanplaThe District Administrative Organization, Huai Rai, performs dutiesPresident of the Huai Rai Sub-District Administrative Organization said thatfireforesthaveIt started to burn since yesterday morning (March 30) until the evening has expanded.Along the male lineforestAThe distance is longer than 6 kilometers in the morning.The last areafireforestMostlycontrolfireHas already had this groundforestWoodRightfireSevere burns in 6 damage areasAbout 400 rai, but found thatYesfireforestHas burned up on the other sideHe has an area adjacent to the back.Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Huai Rai and adjacent to the UTat Ton Waterfall National National Marine ParkNeed to expedite the staff of the SAO. Himself goes out to help extinguishfireQuickly whichAt this time, there will be a group of problems.The haze from this incident has enteredAnd ruled the village of Huai Rai Bang LaeWhich is urging the staff to plyAlso explore

Forest fire on the Phu Lang Ka mountain range  Still more than 400 rai



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