Saturday, April 10, 2021
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The government council will discuss when children could return to school

Updates: 01.04.2021 00:21

Prague – The Government Council for Health Risks will discuss today when and under what conditions children could return to school. If the epidemic situation allows, schools could start opening no earlier than April 12, subject to regular testing of students and strict hygiene rules. The Minister of Health Jan Blatný (for YES) plans to publish the results of the council meeting at his regular briefing in the morning.

Due to the covid-19 epidemic, only schools for children of health professionals and other selected professions are now open. Others learn at a distance. According to the plan of the Ministry of Education, in the first phase, after the pupils return to school, the first grade classes will alternate in full-time and distance learning. Special schools and small classes up to 75 pupils will have full-time teaching. In secondary and higher vocational schools, practical teaching will be resumed, in universities, practical teaching in final years. There will be voluntary group consultations for the final years of primary and secondary schools, and individual tuition in primary art schools.

The discussion raises the intention that kindergartens should only be opened to groups of children in compulsory pre-school education and the obligation to wear new veils and undergo testing in kindergartens and special schools, provided that this does not prevent the child’s disability.

According to the Minister of Education Robert Plaga (for YES), the Ministry of Education has everything ready for the return of pupils to schools. The date for return is to be determined by the Ministry of Health.

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