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The musicians expressed feelings of a lockdown in their new clips

Updates: 30.03.2021 15:14

Prague – The music groups Bratři, Slza and Rybičky 48, each in their own way, expressed their feelings of lockdown in new songs accompanied by video clips. The electronic duo Brothers in the song Running offers an image of an escape from pandemic chaos. The intention of the clip entitled Storm from the band Slza was to capture the state of loneliness and despondency. The positively minded band Rybičky 48 prepared the Wedding Anthem for the time until, according to them, “the world will return to normal”. CTK was informed about it by the media representatives of the artists.

For their single Brothers, twins Ondřej and Jiří Veselý, they chose a song with vocals. The song Running differs from the previous singles Brothers Signal and Rise instead of its origin. “During the autumn lockdown, we moved to a small cottage surrounded by forests and pure nature, where we could work in peace for a week and escape a bit from the stereotypes of the big city. “said Ondřej Veselý. “We also added hope and a positive mood. But we are certainly affected by the current pandemic, and this is exactly the result of the current situation. Escape, the lockdown crisis and hope,” he added.

The band Slza introduced a novelty called Storm. Both musicians Petr Lexa and Lukáš Bundil leave their feelings and emotions free to run. The intention of the director of the clip, Matěj Říha, was to capture the feeling of loneliness and despondency. The text was written by the singer Lexa in collaboration with musician and theater director Jiří Krhut. “Last fall, I experienced such a strange emotional state for the first time. It was as if at one point I felt the strongest fears and anxieties about something that wasn’t there. I knocked, my heart pounded and physical pain gripped me from inside. It’s a strange feeling of hopelessness. and you don’t know if it will disappear in a few minutes, hours or days, it happened at a time when I had a text on my desk that was supposed to be about something completely different at first, but it all came together somehow that I was the one he dropped the original text and wrote a completely new one, in which I described the inner storm, “Lexa said.

The band Rybičky 48 is trying to bring a positive atmosphere to the state of emergency with a new song and video clip Wedding Anthem. “We believe that people will have fun with this clip, which is one of the main things why we make music. We firmly believe that when the world returns to normal, this song will not be missing at any wedding,” said the band’s frontman Kuba Ryba. The idea for an energetic song arose at his own wedding. “I was missing a newer song with the theme of a wedding, when I leave out a nice, but decades-old song When a Wonderful Woman Marries a Wonderful Guy,” Ryba explained. According to him, the wedding anthem reflects the development of the band. “We grow, mature and slowly grow up next to our beautiful women, so we are more concerned with the topic of weddings, new additions, and all the more we can enjoy ordinary things,” said Ryba. “In the last five years, three out of four members of the band have gotten married and most of the friends are already married or head to marriage,” he added.

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