Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Home Breaking News The official response of the Jewish State Theater

The official response of the Jewish State Theater

The State Jewish Theater, in its capacity as a public institution of culture, responds to recent attacks through a cultural approach.

Tuesday, March 30, from now 19.00, TES will transmit free, online, on the official pages of State Jewish Theater, the show A LESSON OF GOOD MANNER by Jean-Claude Grumberg, directing and scenography Alexandru Berceanu.

This show, whose premiere took place in the fall of 2017, is forbidden to all those who urge hatred, of whatever nature. To all those who urge xenophobia and hostilities. To all those who have forgotten about humanity. To all who forgot to laugh, to make fun of trouble.

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The official response of the Jewish State Theater

The State Jewish Theater, in its capacity as a public institution of culture, responds to recent attacks through a cultural approach. On Tuesday, March 30, from 19.00, TES will broadcast free of charge, …

UNITER, with the artist Maia Morgenstern

„UNITER – The Romanian Theater Union expresses its concern and revolt regarding the terrible situation that the artist Maia Morgenstern, a member of our union, actress … was and is facing.

Spotify launches a new music and news list

The music platform Spotify launches, today, a new playlist of songs, which can be combined with current information, made by several media sites …

The Watchmaker of Saint-Paul, Let the party begin, The Judge and the Assassin ... This May husband films him Bertrand Tavernier
Gallery photo As a tribute to director Bertrand Tavernier, who recently passed away at the age of 79, let’s remember some of his greatest films. Five of them have just begun to be di …

Daniel Jinga presented today the team with which he will lead the Bucharest National Opera

Today, Daniel Jinga appointed the conductor Tiberiu Soare as Artistic Director and Alin Gheorghiu as ballet artistic advisor. Tiberiu Soare is a graduate of two of …

Cineclub One World Romania: 12 documentaries signed by Paul Călinescu, available online for free between March 29 and April 25
Gallery photo This year, the One World Romania Cineclub aims to recover and analyze the evolution of the Romanian documentary film from the interwar period and from the communist one, a cinematography whose works …

The Enescu Festival presents its artistic program from 2021 for the European English-language press

Sir Simon Rattle, music director and conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra, Ulrike Niehoff, artistic director of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and Dmitri Sitkovetsky, violinist, will be among the artists who will …

Premiere at the Iași National Theater: the reading show

The Iași National Theater announces the opening of the second edition of the Lecturi proiect project, on Monday, March 29, with the reading-reading Something with Noodles by Marilena Dumitrescu, directed by Irina …

VIDEO: Good Man Festival # 30 - online, Monday through Wednesday

The 30th edition of the Om Bun Festival, an anniversary edition with 30 online recitals given by 30 folk artists, who over time have been in the position of competitors, jurors or guests, will be. ..

Belarus was excluded from the Eurovision Song Contest

Belarus was excluded from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, after both proposed songs violated the competition rules, writes DPA. These were performed by the band Galasy ZMesta. & Nb …

Helen Mirren and Ion Caramitru - International Message for World Theater Day 2021, March 27

“There were such difficult times for performances with the public and many artists, technicians, craftsmen faced them from within this profession, already marked by the feeling of insecurity. May be…

Matei Vişniec - Theater and journalism.  Mutual influences
Gallery photo The conferences of the Bucharest National Theater presented to the Italian public Accademia di Romania in Rome, in collaboration with the Bucharest National Theater “Ion Luca Caragiale”, present to the Italian public …

End of March, beginning of April LIVE with TNRS
Gallery photo The Sibiu national team continues to offer the experience of the show at home with 5 other productions: “Mine Blind”, directed by Bogdan Sărătean, is the recommendation of the weekend of March 27 – 28, and “Here and there” …

World Theater Day 2021 at the Odeon

Theater insights at ODEON “Since they came into the world, human beings have told each other stories. The beautiful culture of the theater will remain alive as long as we exist. The impetus …

A week with extraordinary news TNRS and FITS 2021, waiting for the World Theater Day

The insignia of the High Patronage of the President of Romania reach the Sibiu International Theater Festival, on the occasion of the 2021 edition, already a continuation of the founding tradition. This year, FITS will …



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