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Home Technology The Sharp SA-VP4001BS vertical vacuum cleaner will help you clean up every...

The Sharp SA-VP4001BS vertical vacuum cleaner will help you clean up every corner

Sharp wants to conquer a new market segment

Vertical, wireless and lightweight vacuum cleaners are the latest trend on the small household appliances market, which perfectly fits the latest product signed with the Sharp logo. SA-VP4001BS-EU is a cordless vacuum cleaner with an inverter motor powered by 24V voltage, which is characterized by great parameters, high suction power and low weight, which is very important during cleaning. It is also worth noting that we are dealing here with a replaceable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 43Wh, which allows up to 60 minutes of operation of the vacuum cleaner, and the charging time is 3.5 hours. Thanks to these parameters, vacuuming even larger areas in the house will not be a problem for him.

The vertical design of the vacuum cleaner with a telescopic pipe allows for convenient cleaning without bending down or dragging the cable behind you, and in case you want to take a break, you can leave the device vertically, where we left off. The undoubted advantage of this model is also a rich set of additional accessories. In addition to the AnimalJet turbo brush, which can handle both animal hair and hair tangled in a carpet, the set also includes a number of other nozzles. Such as, for example, a brush dedicated to upholstered furniture, a nozzle for hard floors, a 2in1 brush for vacuuming delicate surfaces (pleats, blinds), which also works perfectly in a car, and a nozzle for crevices. A useful accessory is also a flexible pipe that comes in handy when cleaning the car. The vacuum cleaner then goes to the seat, and we have freedom of movement even in the smallest nooks and crannies. The set also includes a holder for hanging the vacuum cleaner on the wall, thanks to which it can be conveniently stored, e.g. in a closet and is always ready to work in a few seconds.

Sharp SA-VP4001BS – ease of use and clever solutions

The possibilities of inverter motors mean that the design of the vacuum cleaner itself is not overly complicated and it can boast a low weight. The motor is located in the upper part of the housing and sucks in the air through the hole of the vacuum cleaner together with the dirt. Dust, pet hair and other collected debris end up in a 0.65 liter container which is protected by a washable filter. The cleaned air is then blown out at the top of the housing. Thanks to this solution, the vacuum cleaner is relatively quiet in the standard mode, and at the same time in the “Max” mode it has above-average suction power.

On the conveniently profiled handle, apart from the “trigger” for turning on the vacuum cleaner, we also have a small display and two buttons. The display has a battery charge indicator in the form of 3 dots, which informs us how much energy is left in the battery. There is also an icon for selecting the operating mode (floor / carpet), as well as information when we activate the Max mode. There is also a power socket on the top of the handle. We charge the battery with a small 24W power adapter. As I mentioned before, from 0 to 100% it takes about 3.5 hours, but usually we do not drain the battery to zero, so you can assume that a full charge will take about 3 hours and will allow for 60 minutes of cleaning.

In addition to the standard brushes that we have already discussed, the dedicated Animal Jet turbo brush draws the most attention. It is quite an advanced device that works perfectly on virtually any surface. First of all, apart from the gap that absorbs dirt, we have a brush mounted on a roller, which rotates to comb hair and fur from carpets and carpets. This makes it easier to keep the house clean if you have a pet. The rubber finish at the suction opening also helps to remove dust. On the brush’s forehead, there are also 4 white LEDs that illuminate the floor directly in front of the vacuum cleaner and allow for more thorough cleaning. Like a simple accessory, and it can help a lot, especially if you clean in the evenings. You will probably ask how the power supply to these diodes is supplied. Let me calm down, the brush does not have its own batteries, the clever construction of the telescopic tube allows you to hide a cable in it that supplies electricity directly from the main battery. And since I mentioned this pipe, apart from the fact that it is telescopic and has length adjustment, both its connection to the vacuum cleaner itself and to individual brushes is locked with a latch. So there is no typical force to press the tips, just press the red button and release the lock. Convenient and very effective. The wide base of the Animal Jet brush and the vertical position blockade allow the vacuum cleaner to be placed vertically anywhere, e.g. when we need to take a temporary break in cleaning.

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The good news is that the dirt container can be cleaned with one hand movement. It is enough to release the lock at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner and pour the contents into the rubbish bin. The filter should also be cleaned once in a while, this one is two-part, the largest dirt is collected by a special metal mesh in its outer part, which can be washed under running water. This makes it much easier to keep it clean for a long time. Removing the filter is a breeze, just twist it gently to the right and the lock will be released.

Sharp encouraged my kids to clean up

The low weight and ease of use of the Sharp vacuum cleaner also had an unintended effect. My children suddenly felt a sudden urge to clean their rooms and were much more likely to grab the vacuum cleaner of their own accord. This of course does not have to be a rule, but it also shows to some extent how the VP4001BS facilitates the entire cleaning process. You do not need to look for a socket and pull the extension cord, you grab the vacuum cleaner on the fly and you have it cleaned in a few minutes.

I personally appreciated its mobility when vacuuming a car. Thanks to the flexible tube and high suction power, vacuuming seats and carpets has never been so effective. Especially if you had previously dealt with the so-called car vacuum cleaners whose suction power leaves much to be desired. Inverter motors are the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for and Sharp has done a great job implementing this in their vacuum cleaner. Therefore, if you are looking for a new cleaning device, it is worth taking an interest in it, especially as it is high time for spring cleaning. It will be much more enjoyable with Sharp.

The article was written in cooperation with the Sharp brand.

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