Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home World The truth: world peace finally secured!

The truth: world peace finally secured!

A new plan for Easter makes it easier for politics and society to understand each other’s own inadequacy.

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“Sometimes it only takes one person to make the big difference in history,” believes Manfred Wapplinger. And is also the same as the conviction to be this person yourself.

“My goal is world peace!”, Says the native of Lower Austria and who has dropped out of business administration. Now he wants to stir up world politics at Easter. And like all great ideas – Wapplinger is certain – his is one thing above all: so simple that one wonders why no one has come up with it yet.

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“The idea came to me in front of the television.” After a long, arduous day at work, the failed insurance agent sits in his Berlin apartment and thinks about it. “I’ve been trying to sell insurance all day. Against falling rocks. In Lower Saxony and Brandenburg. ”And while Wapplinger is recovering from everyday work, the television is bubbling away. “And then Turkey just got out of the Istanbul Treaty, and I think to myself: Why does it have to be that way?”

And then suddenly there it is, the idea of ​​world peace: the global uncertainty policy. “After all, heads of state are only human!” Says the twice-divorced humanist. “They have a bad day too. Slept badly, a lot of stress, dissatisfied military, problems at home because you forgot your wedding day because of a gun deal – and then the stock market is also in a bad mood. One can understand that such a head of government or a chancellor sometimes throws away the nerves. “

Agreement terminated out of nowhere

And so agreements are apparently terminated out of nowhere. According to Wapplinger, Donald Trump is said to have canceled the nuclear deal with Iran after a prostate examination. What is certain is that the list of unfulfilled agreements, broken international treaties and ignored promises is long. And it is getting longer every day. Whether it is about the Minsk Agreement, the “peace process” in Syria, the Paris climate treaty or the pact on the rule of law in the EU – no one knows for a long time whether such an agreement is even worth the paper on which it is written.

Wapplinger, who today still pays back three leasing contracts for cars he no longer owns, sees it human again: “You know that. During a fun evening you think to yourself, this is a great idea and sign something. And after a few days you realize: It wasn’t that great. “

But when states suddenly withdraw their commitments, there are negative headlines, anger with neighbors, threatened sanctions and lengthy press releases. According to Wapplinger, that doesn’t have to be the case.

“We only need one more international conference: My international conference. ”Following the example of the Munich Security Conference, the near-owner of a dot-com company wants to move forward and convene the International Conference on Mutual Non-observance and Disregard of International Agreements (IKZGNUMVIA).

“It will be the counterpart to Munich, so to speak. The international uncertainty conference! Anyone who signs the final document here can then make commitments to their heart’s content or calculation or PR strategy, declare war on something or uphold human rights, national honor or the protection of the internal combustion engine. Nobody will resent the signing state or even their boss if they can no longer remember it after two hours. ”Because the informed public knows: The state took part in the IKZGNUMVIA and signed the final document.

At the introduction, the father of the family goes into raptures with a pending maintenance suit: “This will be the new Helsinki Final Act! The diplomatic document for the 21st century! ”According to Wapplinger, such a treaty would enable the People’s Republic of China to join human rights conventions, the US would be able to commit to the complete withdrawal of all military advisers from the Middle East and Latin America, and Russia would become equal, free and guarantee fair elections. And finally all – really all – states of the world could guarantee binding and radical steps to combat climate change. Everyone would be happy.

Unfortunately, none of this would happen.

But Wapplinger does not accept this argument. “So what? What is the difference to now? Except that the mood is better. Look, we Austrians know: content is overrated, good mood is what counts! “

Ultimately, the question is where one would rather live: in a perishing world in which everyone is in a bad mood, or rather in a world in which the mood is good and which is perishing anyway. “Better in the latter, right?”

Conference location in a structurally weak area

Wapplinger has already obtained confirmations for the location of the conference, after which the final document is to be named. “Viktor Orbán would like to raise this very big. Somewhere, in a picturesque town on the Mediterranean coast of Hungary. ”Wapplinger believes that a fine example of the fact that the Hungarian government is already breathing the spirit of the future agreement. But basically he has something else in mind. “It also has to be the opposite of Munich visually. Some structurally weak area that needs hope. Maybe Winsen an der Luhe? “

But even if that doesn’t work out by Easter, the brave man, who still has to pay off four loans, won’t hang his head. “I can of course offer all of this on a smaller scale. How about a conference entitled ‘Official commitment to ignore declarations of honor’? There are sure to be one or two CDU / CSU MPs who are interested in something like that. “

Here you can see that the ex-FPÖ municipal council knows how politics works. “I was once active in local politics for weeks. One promises the one the expressway, the other the extension of his building site – and already the SUVs whiz past the window of the children’s room … all because of these promises! “

It is no different at higher political levels, only greater. Expectations are constantly being stoked that politicians can only disappoint. “But you can only be disappointed if you are deceived beforehand”, the Lower Austrian says in terms of the philosophy of language: “But if everyone knows about each other that no one will hold onto anything, then there is no disappointment!”

Viewed in this way, Manfred Wapplinger’s political “uncertainty policy” would also be a measure against the prevailing disenchantment with politics. But only if we all stick to it.

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