Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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They undermined the effort to combat the pandemic

Lucian Alecu

Senator Gabriela Firea criticizes the dignitaries who violated the restrictions. They undermined the general effort to fight the pandemic, says the PSD representative, who offers Raluca Turcan, Vlad Voiculescu and Ludovic Orban as examples.

Gabriel Firea wrote a message on Facebook in which he claims that “by violating their own rules imposed on ordinary people, those in power have lost all credibility and undermined the general effort to combat the pandemic through the irresponsible attitude of ministers.”

Nature offers as an example Vlad Voiculescu, the Minister of Health, who was seen without a mask in the Parliament and Raluca Turcan, the Minister of Labor, who did not wear a mask during an action to plant trees. The incident in which former Prime Minister Ludovic Orban was photographed in the Government building at “a cigar and whiskey party” was also not omitted.

“There can be no more responsibility and voluntary compliance, when the Ministers of Health and Labor, instead of being role models, defy and shamelessly defy, in public, the restrictions imposed on ordinary people! Rulers are not ordinary citizens! They are the ones who decide, so they have additional obligations to ordinary people! They can’t even afford to be careless in times like this, of pandemic and maximum risk to public health! Instead, the exponents of the current power have provided repeated examples of not giving a damn about the law they impose on ordinary people “, says Gabriela Firea.

The PSD senator’s conclusion is that for the reasons stated, the population’s confidence in the restrictions meant to fight the pandemic has collapsed.

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(source: Mediafax)

Nature criticizes dignitaries who break the rules: They have undermined the effort to fight the pandemic

Senator Gabriela Firea criticizes the dignitaries who violated the restrictions. They undermined the general effort to fight the pandemic, claims the PSD representative who offers Raluca Turcan as an example, …

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