Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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This is how breathing reduces stress | Woman

Stress can disrupt our breathing. According to the health network, more than half of the Dutch regularly suffer from stress-related complaints. Proper breathing can make us feel better.

Respiratory therapist Wendy Brinkman: “Breathing is controlled by your autonomic nervous system. This system regulates many unconscious functions, including breathing. Your breathing automatically adjusts to what you are doing. Physical and mental exertion causes higher breathing and rest causes lower breathing. Nowadays I see that half of my clients come for respiratory complaints of which it is stress-related in 80% of the cases. By constantly being in a stressful and high breath – higher than 12 breaths per minute – you can feel less well. ”


“The consequences of improper breathing are significant. This is due to an excess of oxygen and a shortage of carbon dioxide in the blood, which increases the pH level in the blood. It can make people short of breath and short of breath, but it can also cause dizziness, headaches, and palpitations. These consequences can be caused by long-term stress. ”


“It is important to maintain a good balance between exercise and rest. This balance is different for everyone. It is important not to be ‘on’ all day and everyone needs times when you don’t have to do anything or have time for your hobby. If you have found a balance that you feel comfortable with, you will notice that achieving peaks is easier, but also that you can relax easily again and sleep better, for example. This flexibility in breathing makes people feel better. “


“It makes sense to consciously reflect on your breathing three times a day – morning, afternoon and evening. Sit down and feel your feet on the floor, buttocks on the seat and back against the backrest. Feel where your breath is, how fast it is and whether you are breathing through your mouth or nose. ”

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“For optimal breathing it is important that you do not crouch. The diaphragm then has less room to move up and down, so that the breath will take place more in the chest. When you are huddled, the position of your head is forward and therefore the air experiences more resistance when going in and out. So it takes more energy. That is why it is important to sit upright. ”

“If you notice that your breathing is too high – higher than 12 breaths per minute – it is important to get it down. You can do this by lengthening your exhalation. First count how long your exhalation is at that moment and then try to lengthen it by one second each time until you feel that you are relaxing and you are breathing more slowly. ”

“Another exercise to lower your breathing rate is to lie on your back with your feet on the floor and your knees bent. You put your arms wide and then turn your legs from left to right at a leisurely pace. Here too, you have to keep it up until you feel that you are relaxing and your breathing is calmer.

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