Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home World Three Women Arrested by Densus 88 in Makassar, What Are Their Roles?

Three Women Arrested by Densus 88 in Makassar, What Are Their Roles?

Suara.com – The National Police’s Special Detaseman 88 Anti-terror Team again arrested three suspected terrorists in the Makassar area, South Sulawesi, all of whom were women.

“The development after the suicide bombing in Makassar, increased by three suspects, all three of whom were women,” said Head of the Public Information Division of the National Police, Kombes Ahmad Ramadhan, at Police Public Relations, Jakarta, Tuesday (30/3/2021).

Ramadhan said the three women had the initials MM, M, and MAN.

The three of them are suspected of having a relationship with the husband and wife couple L and YSF, the husband and wife of the suicide bombers in front of the Makassar Cathedral Church on Sunday (28/3).

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MM assumed that his role was to know exactly the planning of L and YSF’s amaliyah and to provide motivation for the two married couples.

“MM got the motivation for jihad and martyrdom from the SAS suspects who had been arrested a few days earlier and together they had joined the repairs,” said Ramadhan.

Furthermore, suspected M is the brother-in-law of SAS who knows about the study activities at Vila Mutiara. Meanwhile, the MAN suspect played a role in seeing Lukman alias L when he last used a motorbike to go to the location of the suicide plan, and also attended a study with SAS.

Ramadhan said that until now there were 7 suspected terrorists from the JAD network who had been arrested after the suicide bombing of the Makassar Cathedral Church.

Previously, Monday (29/3) the Densus 88 Anti-terror Team at the Police Headquarters arrested 4 suspected terrorists in Makassar City, the initials were the US, SAS, MR and AN or AA. The four of them played a role together with L and YSF, jointly participating in the study at Vila Mutiara.

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“So for development in Makassar, 7 people were in the investigation process and 2 people died, a total of 9 people,” said Ramadhan. [Antara]



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