Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Tommy Wieringa wants Hannah Hoekstra and Gijs Scholten van Aschat in book adaptation | NOW

Writer Tommy Wieringa hopes that in the film adaptation of his book Joe Speedboat the actors Hannah Hoekstra and Gijs Scholten van Aschat get a role, he said With a view to tomorrow.

The author also spoke in the radio program about the long legal battle that started in 2010 when another producer was working on a cinema adaptation that made him unhappy. In the end, the judge decided that the film could not be made at that time.

“I was too inexperienced then, and too afraid that they would make a mess of it,” the author now admits. “Now I no longer have that fear. I don’t have to make choices; a book adaptation is always a reduction of something very great. Sam de Jong (the director, ed.) Has my book at his disposal: I am very curious what bunch of flowers he selects from it for his film. “

Wieringa regrets that after the whole affair he is round Joe Speedboat is known to be a nuisance at the Film Fund. “My objections started when the plan was still very small. I did not like to keep mentioning that objection when it became very big, but I felt obliged to the book at the time. Now the only condition of the Film Fund is that I don’t interfere with the movie. “

The successful book is about Fransje Hermans, who loses his ability to speak after an accident and ends up in a wheelchair. His life seems to be over until he meets Joe Speedboot. The novel sold nearly half a million copies.

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