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“Top Charon” reveals the case of P.Bu finished and accepted a mistake, but continued to sue the page of Je Moi 108

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March 31, 2021 – 10:45

Top Charon reveals the case against P.Bu finished and accepted a misunderstanding, but continued to sue J Moi 108 page. Still in the process of investigation Please do not go into details. Lean to claim damages less than 7 digits

Previously, the handsome young actor Top Charon broke the stage to report the matter to the famous page, Jay Moi 108, to a meaningful post that referred to his mother in a bad way. Chad Luek, the 17th award that Young Top traveled to attend the event, so did not miss to update the case.
“The case with Mr. Bu, as posted on Instagram, is that everything has been explained. We talked with each other, everything is over. As for the page, Je Moi is still prosecuting. Still in the process of investigating the phrase to the prosecutor. The reason for changing lawyers had to study like this in the first place I used a lawyer, but he was sick and had to change the lawyer. Unable to reveal anything. Release is a matter of police operations and then is a matter of gathering evidence.
Which the page has contacted and met, but there was any apology Will it reach the end? Now it is in the process mentioned earlier. As for the content of the case Must ask for permission to not be able to give an answer. Mediation is a step in raising legal proceedings. There must be a mediation. It is acceptable to claim damages in the amount of 7 digits as reasonable.
On the side with the people who leave comments to bring the story to the end?
In the beginning, it will be kept as a matter of witnesses at this moment. Still, I am clarifying this, beginning with intent We say it is a personal responsibility as someone who has a high follower. Sometimes when we communicate something, I think there should be a fair amount of judgment in which to prove or consider it. Whether it is true what kind of effect it may have on people’s feelings? Not just me alone But I believe that many People are affected by events like this. And then I feel that we should have judgment in taking responsibility for what we convey. One of me is a public figure, sometimes when I do anything I try to think carefully about whether it will affect anyone. I think it’s basic consciousness. “

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