Friday, April 23, 2021
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Home World Toyota Promotes Eco-Friendly Tourism in Bali with Electric Cars

Toyota Promotes Eco-Friendly Tourism in Bali with Electric Cars – PT Toyota Astra Motor is holding a project on the use of electric cars in Nusa Dua to support the recovery of Bali tourism and ecotourism, in addition to education on the use of electric vehicles, which the government is promoting.

“There are 30 Toyota BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) in the EV Smart Mobility project,” said Deputy President Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) Henry Tanoto to the press virtually, after the inauguration of the Toyota EV Mobility Project in Nusa Dua, Bali, Wednesday (31 / 3/2021).

He explained that this activity is one of Toyota’s strategies to enter the electric vehicle market in Indonesia, through socialization and public education regarding electrified cars that the government wants to develop.

“We want to support the government in popularizing EV (Electric Vehicle) as well as supporting ecotourism and green economy,” he said.

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Henry said a similar project was carried out in other tourism areas, such as the government’s proposal to support super priority tourist destinations, including Borobudur (Central Java, Lake Toba (North Sumatra), Labuan Bajo (NTT), Mandalika Lombok (NTB), and Likupang ( North Sulawesi).

TAM Marketing Director Anton Jimmi Suwandy added that in the Toyota EV Mobility Project, his party deployed 30 cars consisting of 20 Toyota COMS (BEV), 5 Toyota C + pod (BEV), and 5 Toyota Prius (PHEV).

“People and tourists can use the car either in Nusa Dua or other tours in Bali,” said Anton, who also said that the rental fee starts from IDR 50,000 per hour.

He said the Toyota EV Smart Mobility Project was carried out in Bali because of the environment and infrastructure as well as local government regulations for that. In addition, the area is not too large and can support the recovery of tourism in Bali.

The Toyota EV Smart Mobility, said Anton, will last for a year in collaboration with the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), in addition to the entiras of the Astra Group.

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“We hope to get input from the public after using this Toyota EV,” Henry added. [Antara]



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