Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Traffickers are massively shutting down vehicles for one item, and the fines are not small!



Members of the traffic police in Belgrade, during the action of intensified traffic control with the use of vehicles equipped with cameras and modern information systems, today in just four hours, excluded 52 vehicles from traffic whose registration sticker expired.

The Deputy Chief of the Traffic Police Administration, Boban Milinković, pointed out that the traffic police will in the next period conduct intensified control with the use of these vehicles, which contribute to greater efficiency in detecting violations.

Milinković specified that in the first four hours of control, in addition to the violation of the registration sticker expiration, five violations of not using the seat belt were discovered, two drivers were sanctioned for driving without a driver’s license, while two were fined for overtaking.

Vehicles equipped with modern and contemporary technology, among other things, allow police officers to check faces and vehicles directly from cars.

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Also, the vehicles have a built-in license plate recognition system and their comparison with the database of missing and unregistered vehicles, communication and establishing a video connection with colleagues, as access to the video surveillance system, as well as GPS navigation of patrol units to arrive quickly and on time.

For owners or users of vehicles who do not return the license plates within 60 days from the date of expiration of the registration sticker, the Law on Road Safety prescribes a fine in the amount of 10,000 to 20,000 dinars, if the owner or user is a natural person, a fine in the fixed amount of 20,000 dinars if the owner or user is an entrepreneur and a fine of 50,000 to 600,000 dinars if the owner or user is a legal entity.

In the event of a traffic accident caused by the driver of a vehicle whose registration sticker or insurance policy has expired, the damage is compensated by the Association of Insurers of Serbia, but after that, the recourse claim in the amount of paid damages, interest, court and other costs is realized from the owner of the vehicle, regardless of who was driving the vehicle in the accident.



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