Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home World Tragic record: over three hundred dead, nearly 1,500 on ventilators

Tragic record: over three hundred dead, nearly 1,500 on ventilators

In the domestic history of the coronavirus epidemic, more than three hundred people have never died in 24 hours.

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But the government website begins its announcement with the number of people vaccinated:

Vaccination is ongoing, the number of vaccinated persons is 2,011,029, of whom 753,187 have already received their second vaccination.

– then notes:

The British virus mutant is spreading very fast, there is a significant increase in the number of active infected and hospitalized patients, so the restrictions remain in place. Please follow the precautions!

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This is followed by the largely tragic figures: 6,700 new infections, bringing the total number of identified infections to 652,433 since the outbreak began.

The majority of the 302 deaths were elderly, chronic patients, bringing the number of deaths to 20,737. The number of people cured is constantly increasing, currently 406,935 people, but the number of active infected people has already risen to 224,761 people. 12,346 coronavirus patients are cared for in hospitals, 1,492 of whom are on ventilators.

The vaccination program is in order, Hungary is second on the EU vaccination ranking. The vaccination rate of the Hungarian population has reached 20.5% compared to the EU average of 11.2%, the government website writes.

Due to their vulnerability, the registered elderly are still in line for vaccination, with more than three-quarters of those over the age of 65 registered to have been vaccinated.

Vaccination continues at hospital vaccination points with Pfizer and Sputnik, at GPs with Sinopharm, AstraZeneca, and Moderna.

The campaign-like vaccination of previously registered kindergarten and school teachers will start on Thursday, and those concerned have already received the SMS inviting them to be vaccinated.

At night, another shipment of vaccines arrived, 250 thousand doses of Sputnik vaccine. Vaccination of those registered in small settlements will continue on military vaccination buses.

The website does not mention that the number of deaths in 24 hours has never been so high.

Source: koronavirus.gov.hu

Cover image: pixabay.com



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