Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home Breaking News Union calls for faster vaccination of all health workers | NOW

Union calls for faster vaccination of all health workers | NOW

Employees in regular healthcare should be vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible, says healthcare union NU’91. According to the current vaccination schedule, this group will be next in May, while the number of hospital admissions continues to rise.

The trade federation calls the situation extremely worrying. “We see that the absenteeism rate is increasing sharply. Healthcare workers drop out because they themselves are infected, but also because they are tired and burned out after a year of working under these conditions,” said NU’91 chairman Stella Salden.

According to Salden, a fast vaccination is of great importance to keep health care workers going. “It offers more protection. Moreover, it ensures that they do not have to be constantly worried about getting infected themselves.”

Although staff in acute care were given priority vaccination, staff in regular care were not included at the time. But now that the number of new infections is increasing, acute care is being scaled up again and unvaccinated care workers from mainstream care are joining intensive care units and COVID-19 care, according to NU’91. “That causes a lot of unrest and frustration among healthcare workers.”

The peak in hospitals is expected at the end of April, Salden says. “We cannot use enough beds on the ICs, simply because there is not enough staff. If we do not ensure that everyone who wants to be vaccinated quickly, we will have even fewer care workers. We have no time to lose. This is of great social importance. importance. “

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