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V.Landsbergis: Lithuania invades the bushes without calling for testimony of top Soviet officials

“There is nonsense, absurdity and it is obvious. Robertas Povilaitis has been forging for ten years, knocking on the blind door of Lithuanian “justice”. Now that door is starting to crack a bit and maybe it will be a breakthrough. I hope that this decision of the Court of Appeal is already a breakthrough in the direction of true statehood, “he told reporters on Wednesday.

He spoke about this when asked by journalists about the situation when the Court of Appeal called the events of January a military operation, but there was no head of the military operation on the dock.

The first de facto head of state stressed that he did not know what procedures should be followed, however, the court names that the perpetrators of the January events carried out the will of the highest government, and who was the highest Soviet official at the time – is clear.

“If that person is not even invited to give evidence, it means that Lithuania has fallen into the bushes and is not worthy of respect altogether and this is their (Russia – BNS) victory – what to say here with such Lithuania,” Landsbergis said.

He also noted that prosecutors should bring broader charges to court and include more defendants.

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“They should scratch their necks and think that if a prosecutor is a defender of the state, then what kind of defenders of the state are they. When not make claims to the court wider than previously filed. We are so twisted that the court cannot invite additional defendants, ”V. Landsbergis stated.

The former Chairman of the Supreme Council also emphasized that by defending its judges from the persecution of Russia, Lithuania is also defending Europe.

“But something allows, too much allows. Both the European institutions and, ultimately, the United Nations, where Russia, which also does not comply with any statute, may have had to be eliminated a long time ago. It really had to be removed from Interpol a long time ago. Catching our judges through Interpol, what is that Interpol worth? Is Russia such a puppy on a leash? ”He asked.

Landsberg also said he believed Russia would undoubtedly use the verdict in the January 13 case for its propaganda.

“It goes all the time, it goes all the time. It is hoped to be influenced psychologically, morally, to maintain that connection of fear and, through fear, of subordination. We have to get rid of it, “he emphasized.

On Wednesday, the Lithuanian Court of Appeal sentenced 67 convicts in a January 13 case. The court hearing the appeals changed the sentences of 16 convicts, and the sentences were tightened for all but two of them.

All individuals were found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity and sentenced to up to 15 years in prison.

The only defendants in Lithuania – Yuri Melis and Gennady Ivanov – were sentenced by the court to higher sentences and sentenced to ten and five years in prison, respectively.

Among those convicted at first instance was then-Soviet Defense Minister Dmitry Yazov, who was sentenced to ten years in prison, but the former minister died last year, and the Court of Appeal dismissed the case against him.

Vladimir Uschopchik, a former commander of the Vilnius garrison of the Soviet army, was sentenced to 14 years in prison, and a former KGB officer, Mikhail Golovatov, was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Most of the accused were convicted in absentia because Russia and Belarus refused to extradite them.

Also, the case satisfied almost 11 million. A civil lawsuit was filed against the state for compensation of property damage. Non-pecuniary damages claims against the son of Apolinaras Juozas Povilaitis Robertas and his wife Ona, who died in the events of January.

On the night of January 13, 1991, 14 people were killed when Soviet troops stormed the Vilnius TV tower and the building of the Radio and Television Committee.

The Soviets tried to overthrow the legitimate Lithuanian government by military force, which declared the country’s independence from the Soviet Union on March 11, 1990.



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