Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Vaccination of registered teachers begins

Educators were able to submit their vaccination claim until midnight Tuesday.

The government did not expect much from the decision, permission was given to vaccinate teachers out of turn. Gergely Gulyás also shared details:

it is believed that schools could open on the 19th if they do well with vaccinations.

The Secretary of State for Hungarian Public Education believes that April 19 is a realistic date.

Educators who have previously registered may still be vaccinated this week, but who have recently – by closing at midnight Tuesday – are likely to start vaccinating them next week.

Registration did not go as smoothly: several indicated that, according to the State Secretariat for Education, for spelling reasons, they had not received confirmation of their successful registration. The deadline has been tightened: those who entered their data incorrectly, if they did not correct it by midnight yesterday, missed the extraordinary vaccination.

The PDSZ is also concerned that the opening process that takes place before the protection of teachers develops is not considered appropriate. They say schools should be opened when enough time has elapsed after vaccination that the vaccine has been able to work.

According to a Secretary of State statement, 54 percent of teachers have already registered for the vaccination.

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