Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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“Vaccine” battle

สรกล อดุลยานนท์

The government is now facing more and more pressure from the private sector on “vaccines”.

In terms of the private sector, the “vaccine” is an important “fuel” of the Thai economy.

At the latest seminar of “Prachachat Business” is the clearest

All businessmen are only talking about “vaccines”.

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He wants the government to open the door for the private sector to provide and “vaccinate” themselves.

Everyone is ready to pay by themselves.

A businessman, he estimated that even if he had to pay for himself.

It’s still worth it

Because the compensation received from all employees getting vaccinated is greater than the cost of the vaccine.

Help my own business And help reduce the burden of the government

It is a very “win-win” story.

Do not be surprised that now the private sector is increasingly pressing the government.

It starts with giving an interview as a personal opinion.

If still not working After a while, the private sector will begin to swarm to the government in the form of a council or association

This pressure is getting harder and harder.

Because the private sector cannot now

Will be out of breath

The government will tell you to endure a little longer.

If it’s in the tunnel “COVID-19”, wherever you look, you’ll see darkness. There was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Like that, however, must endure it.

But today the situation has changed. Less breath remaining But there is hope because I saw a “vaccine” at the end of the tunnel.

This kind of situation, if the government’s “feelings” administration is not good.

I can’t explain the reason Why doesn’t it help open the way for the private sector? Or private hospitals to import their own vaccines

The feelings of the private sector towards the government will be “negative” immediately.

Thai people are still afraid to take care of the government.

But foreigners like “Bill Heinecky” Of “Minor Group”, he was honest in Western style.

2 open letters to the Prime Minister have been written.

Mr. Bill’s feelings are the same feelings as Thai businessmen.

But the expression is different.

I want to remind the government that The private sector, each person’s connection is not normal.

Please be warned to be careful and careful.

What will come down?

Actually in the corner of the government This time should be the scoring period.

Imitate “Joe Biden” Ok

In what month will you dare to announce that you will be vaccinated for Thai people?

Pin the flag and figure out how

When we talked that we already have a vaccine factory in the country We can inevitably schedule the vaccination.

Set up a warroom about “Vaccines”

Throw the problem into thinking that How to do private hospitals And the private sector will purchase vaccines to inject

Dare to put a flag in April

Requesting permission to copy the crisis management method of “Pee Tao” Banyong Pongpanich Come to use

When the government has thrown the problem

Do not answer that you can’t.

War Room has only one function. Answer how to do

There is a wall that any agency can break through.

Reduce steps because today is not a normal situation. But in a time of crisis

Which law is an obstacle? I recommend using the services of “Witsanu Kreangam”

God of exclusion

The power from the declaration of emergency must be adopted.

Government claims about COVID-19 Declared a state of emergency for a year

Using the power in his hand to penetrate this matter

Do not let the gossipers use it in the wrong direction.

Applied to politics, manage the “mob” only

But the issue of “vaccines” directly related to “COVID” did not apply.

I believe that Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health. Coming from the private sector, I should understand this very well.

The opportunity to score has arrived.

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