Monday, April 19, 2021
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Home Business VJ launches solutions to receive "Convenient, independent washing" hot

VJ launches solutions to receive “Convenient, independent washing” hot

Convenient to wash, “Kirei” points out the trend non-franchise is strong. After Thai people are familiar with the business, more convenient to wash Adjusting the plan to focus on selling machines – solutions to open convenience stores for independent washing Target investors who want to open new stores. – Want to open more stores. Raising points of sale at low costs – flexible according to the number of machines 2 years machine warranty, complete after-sales service Both a team of technicians and spare parts NO FEES – Annual franchise fee

Mr. Mike Hong, Managing Director of VJ International Group Co., Ltd., an executive of convenience store chain “Kirei Laundromat Cafe” and distributor of Speed ​​Queen washing machines, revealed “Prachachat Business”. According to the expansion of the convenience store business that has continued over the years As a result, the laundry convenience store business has become more well known and familiar. Both groups of customers who use the service And investors Which began to have a good understanding of business and convenience store management models

In addition, there is a group of investors who want to find a solution to open a convenience store by themselves to invest in opening their own stores. Without the cost of franchise

“I believe that after this time, the number of such independent laundry convenience stores will increase dramatically. The main investment will come from entrepreneurs who have bought 1-2 franchises before until there is a know-how of opening more convenience stores. And in the long run, this group of entrepreneurs may account for up to 50% of the market. “

Managing Director of VJ said that to accommodate the opportunity. The company plans to expand its business by expanding its services to the distribution of industrial washing machines and solutions for opening convenience stores. Under the sub-brand name “Speed ​​Queen by VJ Group”, it focuses on target customers who are investors who want to open convenience stores. And those who have already opened a franchised convenience store

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With the advantage of lower costs than buying a franchise Including flexible gross investment according to the number of machines 2-year product warranty and after-sales service Both a team of technicians and spare parts No annual fee and franchise fees. Including an application for controlling the washing machine – dryer As with all other franchises

As well as having a strength in quality – the speed of service. By increasing the number of technicians of the company Instead of using an outside contractor Including preparing to set up offices in various cities such as Hat Yai and Isan. There will be awareness building through online media and social networks such as Facebook and seminars.

“Good after-sales service will be the key to attracting customers to buy a 2-3 storehouse solution with us, as this is a major concern for investors and a reason for choosing a franchise for an open investment. The first laundry shops “

For other businesses, Mr. Mike Hong said that both the convenience store, Kirei Lon Dromat, cafes and the import-sale of commercial kitchenware. The company will continue to move forward. The Sakkirei convenience store will spearhead the flag to win important locations that have not yet opened their branches. As for the kitchenware business last year, the target group was adjusted from the hotel business to the restaurant-bakery. And general consumers By raising the selling point of efficiency and durability of commercial products To address the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak Help sales to grow

This year, focus on moving forward on the above plan. By creating awareness through Facebook. Recommends how to use and recipes, including popular snacks for marketing purposes. After earlier, the croissant flow helped boost sales in the bakery shop in a short time as well as increase the number of sales teams to support online sales. Both the company’s website and various e-commerce platforms follow market trends and directions, ”said Mike Hong.



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