Friday, April 16, 2021
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Home Technology Volkswagen cars can be rented by subscription

Volkswagen cars can be rented by subscription

Volkswagen Group Rus, together with partner BelkaCar, has been launching subscription services for private cars since April. At the first stage, clients will be able to borrow cars for a period of one year, and in the future, short-term tariffs will be introduced, the press service of the company explained to

Volkswagen cars can be rented by subscription

Natalia Dmitrieva

The subscription will become a promising alternative to traditional car ownership, says Stefan Mehas, CEO of Volkswagen Group Rus. Allows you to maintain the maximum benefits of ownership, but without the obligations associated with vehicle maintenance.

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“Advances in technology and changes in consumer behavior create opportunities for new business models. Increasingly, customers are opting for alternative ways of owning cars with greater convenience and better mobility, ”he explained.

By subscription, customers will receive ready-to-use vehicles with a full package of services, the company said. The price will include OSAGO, CASCO, regular technical inspections, seasonal tire change and storage, car delivery to the client, as well as repairs in the event of an accident, roadside assistance and a replacement car during maintenance.

The use of cars by subscription will be available throughout Russia with collection and return in Moscow. It is specified that the brands of cars that can be selected will be announced in the near future. As a reminder, the company unites the work of seven brands of the Volkswagen concern on the Russian market: passenger cars and commercial vehicles Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ducati.

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