Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Home Technology Volkswagen will sell trams in the US as Voltswagen

Volkswagen will sell trams in the US as Voltswagen

On the eve of April Fools’ Day, a press release was released that actually looks like a joke related to Volkswagen. However, brands tend to be creative in order to project themselves and give relevance to their actions.

In this sense, the company will adopt the name Voltswagen to sell its electric cars in the United States of America.

Voltswagen gives name to electric cars of the German brand in the USA

According to a press release released online, Volkswagen of America will become the Voltswagen in order to differentiate its line of electric cars. These started shipping to American dealers this month.

The transition to Voltswagen takes place by replacing “Volks”, which means “people”, in German, by “Volts”, making reference to the electric ones.

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The Automotive News newspaper confirmed the authenticity of the name change with a person familiar with the company's plans, ensuring that this is not a lie.

The source revealed that the Voltswagen appears as another step towards a fully electric future of the brand in the USA, starting, apparently, on April 29.

According to the statement, the name change will cover all of the manufacturer's operations in the United States. Even so, this branching of the brand in the country remains an operational unit of the Volkswagen Group of America.

Company has not yet confirmed the change

In addition to not expecting the name to cover the parent company in Germany, the brand will also maintain its newly redesigned logo.

As far as is known, trams will be certified with the Voltswagen distinction, while diesel vehicles will retain the logo normally used by the brand.

Although it was confirmed by various media outlets, such as CNBC and USA Today, Automotive News sent an email to Scott Keogh, Volkswagen's CEO, but, as of the writing of the article, has received no response.

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