Monday, April 19, 2021
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Wawan Wanisar’s Wife Died ‘Clean’ – Sri Rohayati revealed the moment when her husband, Wawan Wanisar died. He said the actor died in good condition.

“Alhamdulilah, he died, didn’t bother and thank God that the shower said, ‘There is no feces in the body,'” said Sri Rohayati when met at the funeral home in the Tajur Halang area, Bogor, West Java, Tuesday (30/3/2021).

“Maybe he already prepared himself for cleaning,” he continued again.

He also said that Wawan Wanisar had cut his own nails. She believes it was her husband’s attempt to clean up before he died.

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Wawan Wanisar's wife, Sri Rohayati. [Herwanto/]
Wawan Wanisar’s wife, Sri Rohayati. [Herwanto/]
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“His nails have been cut off by himself. Indeed, he wants to clean himself first before he dies,” said Sri Rohayati.

As reported before he died, Wawan Wanisar was struggling with Herpes. Every day, the soap opera star of the Rock N Roll Islamic Boarding School complains of itching all over his body.

Wawan Wanisar passed away on Monday (29/3/2021). He breathed his last at 71 years old and left four people.

Now, Wawan Wanisar’s body was buried Tuesday (30/3/2021) morning at the Bunut TPU.

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