Monday, March 8, 2021
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Home Breaking News Weapons - the Armed Forces adopted the Alligator large-caliber rifle

Weapons – the Armed Forces adopted the Alligator large-caliber rifle

Increased rate of fire of the rifle provides a removable box magazine, designed for five rounds of 14.5×114 mm.

All parts of the rifle are made by Ukrainian gunsmiths / photo

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have adopted a multi-charged large-caliber anti-material rifle hand-loaded Alligator.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on Facebook.

“The main task of the large-caliber Alligator is the destruction of enemy fortifications and equipment, including lightly armored ones,” the Defense Ministry said.

The Ministry of Defense added that all parts of the rifle, including the barrel, were made by Ukrainian gunsmiths.

Technical characteristics of the Alligator rifle:

  • caliber – 14.5×114 mm;
  • initial velocity of the bullet – 980 m / s;
  • effective range – up to 2000 m;
  • maximum range of the bullet – up to 7000 m;
  • at a distance of 1.5 km the bullet pierces a 10-mm armor plate;
  • total length of the weapon – 2000 mm, the length of the rifle barrel – 1200 mm;
  • the total weight of the rifle without a magazine with ammunition is 22.5 kg.
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The rifle is a classic example of a “bolt” small arms with a longitudinal-sliding rotary shutter, writes ArmyInform.

It is equipped with a removable box magazine, which provides increased rate of fire, designed for five rounds. The store has two mounting points: a front fork hook and a rear latch. The barrel has 8 notches with a step of 419 mm.

The total length of the rifle - 2000 mm, weight without magazine with cartridges - 22.5 kg.  / фото

The total length of the rifle – 2000 mm, weight without magazine with ammunition – 22.5 kg. / фото

The receiver of this rifle is made of steel, the guide surfaces of the shutter in the receiver are chrome-plated, this metal also covers the chamber and the channel of the barrel of the rifle. At the top of the receiver, the designers have provided a place for the installation of the guide type Picatinny. The rifle also received a reliable push-button fuse.

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Acceptable for the shooter level of rebound is achieved due to the balanced weight of the rifle, as well as because part of the energy of the rebound is taken by the muzzle brake. Alligator embodies a new design solution – a hang insulator. It allows the barrel directly at the time of the shot, while the bullet is still in the barrel, to make a free recoil back, stretching the rebound energy in time, thereby dampening it.

The rifle is completed with bipods which are regulated on height and have three positions of fixing, also they can be folded for convenient transportation. In addition, the rifle is equipped with a tactical carrying handle. Has a height-adjustable emphasis under the cheek.

Technical characteristics of the rifle

Technical characteristics of the rifle “Alligator” / photo

What are anti-material large-caliber rifles

Anti-material large-caliber rifles are designed to neutralize or critically damage conventional and lightly armored military equipment, radar equipment, guided missiles on launchers, warehouses, tanks with petroleum products and other objects.

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