Thursday, April 15, 2021
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what changes from saturday

Emmanuel Macron announced several measures and novelties: the confinement experienced by 19 departments has now been extended to all of France. Schools will be closed for 3 weeks, starting next week.

« We entered a race for speed. The President of the Republic announced, this March 31, 2021 live from the Elysee Palace, more restrictive measures throughout France. In particular, schools will be closed for longer than expected.

The president spoke of ” a year of sentence where more than 4.5 million of us contracted the disease, a year of effort, anguish and sacrifice ». « If we remain united, united, if we know how to organize ourselves over the next few weeks, then we will see the end of the tunnel “, he added.

He identified three principles that would have guided the government strategy: security, balance and responsibility. ” We have all agreed to major efforts, and the virus has continued to circulate (…) but where many of our neighbors have decided to confine (…) we have gained weeks of freedom through these collective choices “, He assured.

In the process, there will be a vote in the French Parliament on Thursday April 1, 2021.

Emmanuel Macron on 03/31/21 // Source: Élysée

The summary of Emmanuel Macron’s speech: what will change in France

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Here are the things that will change in France from Saturday:

  • The rules for the confinement of the 19 departments are extended to all the French territory (excluding DOM-TOM) from Saturday April 3, 2021;
  • Teleworking must be systematized;
  • The French can travel during the Easter weekend;
  • Some businesses will be closed (except those authorized in the departments which were already confined);
  • Schools will close for two weeks from April 12 to 26;
  • During the week of April 5, distance learning will be

What is changing in schools

Nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools and high schools will be closed for 3 weeks from April 5, 2021.

« We must all be aware of our duties towards our youth », Assured Emmanuel Macron. ” So yes, the virus is circulating in our schools, but the school is not negotiable. We have to take our responsibilities. Yes, we must curb the virus He said, before detailing the changes in schools.

Emmanuel Macron on 03/31/21 // Source: Élysée

Nurseries, nursery and primary schools

  • Week of April 5: distance learning for one week
  • Two weeks from April 12 to 26: vacation
  • Week of April 26: back to class

Colleges and high schools

  • Week of April 5: distance learning for one week
  • Two weeks from April 12 to 26:
  • Week of April 26: a week of distance learning
  • Week of May 3: back to class


  • Students, if they can, will have the right to go to the university once a week

The English variant

Emmanuel Macron insisted on the presence of the so-called British variant on French soil, which would give rise to a ” new epidemic ».

19 departments have been subject to containment rules since mid-March in France. ” The figures are clear: yes, this strategy has had an effect. But these efforts remain limited. We are undergoing this acceleration because of the variant. »

In the hospital

« We have to go the extra mile “, He asked, asking in particular the caregivers, again. He announced that there will be 10,000 beds open soon.

The history of France with schools

France is one of the countries that has kept its schools open the most since what is considered to be the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

The Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer had once again congratulated himself, in the hemicycle of the Assembly on March 31, 2021, for having closed schools so little and made it possible to accommodate many students who would otherwise have , been in school: ” It is a chance for France to have had these schools open from September until today “, He assures, assuming there a political decision more than health. ” This sets us apart from the rest of the western world He continued.

It is true that the decisions of the French government stand out compared to the European consensus: England closed its schools in January, just like Germany or, recently, Belgium, which has just closed them, because of a high contamination rate among minors.

Also, the fact of not having closed the schools allowed their parents to resume a more “normal” professional activity, and therefore to support the French economy, while not having to accumulate additional mental burden of childcare. children at home (especially for women).

Which departments are confined?

Since March 25, 3 departments have been added to the 16 which were already considered “confined”.

From now on, all the departments, except those overseas, are subject to the same rules.

Travel certificate

You still do not need a travel certificate to go out within 10 km between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m., but proof of address is required. This rule implemented on March 21 does not change: it is extended to all of France.

For the curfew, from 7 p.m. throughout France, the derogatory certificate is necessary to travel.

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